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A newer atheism?
Jennifer McCreight has written a new blog post, in which she further tries to make the case that the atheist "movement" is rife with misogyny and women hating. She also attempts to rally her peers to create a newer atheism.

She starts out speaking about her early activism, including her undeniably incredible Boobquake. She then builds the premise that every person who used sexist language towards her in her posts, speaking engagements and I assume in person, were atheists.

I’ve always considered myself a feminist, but I used to be one of those teenagers who assumed the awesome ladies before me had solved everything. But Boobquake made me wake up. What I originally envisioned as an empowering event about supporting women’s freedoms and calling out dangerous superstitious thinking devolved into “Show us your tits!” I received sexual invitations from strangers around the country. When I appeared or spoke at atheist events, there was always a flood of comments about my chest and appearance. I’ve been repeatedly told I can never speak out against people objectifying or sexually harassing me because a joke about my boobs was eternal “consent.”

I have no doubt that a college aged female, who creates an event centered on female breasts, received catcalls and sexist comments. But, to attribute them to the atheist community is a bit disingenuous. After starting from this, it can only go downhill. In fact it does. Once again she blames atheists for comments made to her, most likely online comments from anonymous posters. There will never be any proof that any of those comments were posted by atheists. More than likely they were teenage boy trolls who don't have a clue to begin with. Sure, there may have actually been sexists or misogynists harassing her. But there is no way to identify them as being part of the atheist community. After reading blogs and comments over the past year, any claims of misogyny or sexism in replies is suspect. When someone questions a claim or asks for evidence, they're labeled and attacked. So it would be hard to figure out which are real misogynists and who are just asking questions. This is what hurts them, by going after everyone with a different point of view, they've hidden the real misogynists under the blanket accusations. Way to go!

So, she's laid the groundwork showing how sexist all the atheists are, but she's not done.

"I don’t feel safe as a woman in this community – and I feel less safe than I do as a woman in science, or a woman in gaming, or hell, as a woman walking down the fucking sidewalk."

The problem with sexist atheists is so bad, she feels safer walking down a street in public. How can anyone take this seriously? Being a professional victim must be a lot of work.

Feel free to click the link above and read the rest, it's mostly boo-hooing about being victimized by those who Just Don't Get It®. The untruths and misrepresentations presented are too much for me to even bother with. (And they've been discussed and blogged about repeatedly.)

I would like to address the second half of her post though. She wants a new wave of atheism. Where were the preceding waves? Atheism isn't a movement. The only thing that could be called a movement was the media exposure of outspoken atheists, aka the Gnu Atheists. Those atheists that refused to keep quiet and called out the inequality found in society regarding those who didn't follow a religion. Those that stood up in public and spoke about their unbelief.

Those who claim to be atheist don't need radical, misguided feminists telling them they're doing it wrong. They don't need someone coming in and saying if you don't do things the way we want them done you're a misogynist. Most of the atheists I know would also consider themselves humanists. Guess what? Humanism already covers feminism.

I'm sure in the beginning you thought that by tying your brand of feminism in with the skeptic community, you were creating something good. Well, how did that work out for you? Atheism is atheism. Atheists are a quite diverse group, with many differing ideas and opinions. To think that because you're receiving so much blow back from your foray into atheist feminist activism is because we're all sexist pigs and chill girls is laughable. And to actually think that without you in the community, the skeptic and atheist groups will fall apart into anarchy is fucking hilarious.

So go ahead, break away. Try to make your SkepFemAtheism work for you. I'll buy extra popcorn.

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