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Mountains of archival medical evidence say
Those of a religious bent are fond of saying that atheists cannot prove a negative, i.e. God does not exist. This atheist sees the question differently. All that is necessary is to prove the positive claim that there is no immortal soul causing my thoughts and actions; and therefore nothing to be judged by any purported 'God'; making the existence or non-existence of any god a moot point.

Identical twins.
Bob and Ray.
Born 2 minutes apart.
Same household.
Same upbringing, diet, church, parents, etc.
Same classes, same teachers, same grades.
When they were 9 years old, the family was in an automobile accident.
Both boys were unconscious for a week.
Both recovered completely
Ray lost his testicles.

Bob went on through puberty and his sexual awakening was typical.

At a school dance at the age of 16, both boys were invited by pretty girls to "fool around" after the dance.

Surely a sin.

They both 'resisted temptation' and kept their virginity (for the time being).

Question: If they had both died the very next day, how would Bob and Ray's souls be judged? Will they both be credited with having resisted temptation? After all, Ray was not tempted by the girl's proposition. He lacked the hormones to feel sexual urges. How can his soul be measured? His 'resistance' to sexual temptation was the result of hormones, chemicals in his brain or the lack thereof.

If changes in brain chemicals cause or prevent choices made, what role is there for a 'soul'?

In the 1940's and 1950's, tens of thousands of violent criminals were transformed into 'good citizens' by the simple expedient of severing nerves in their brains (most often with an 'ice pick'). (Google [icepick lobotomy] and [prefrontal lobotomy].

Some of these former violent sociopaths went on to become good church members, repenting of their past sins and so forth. How did the ice pick change their souls? Please explain how is it that a slender piece of sharpened steel can alter an invisible and immortal spirit?

Want more? Begin researching brain trauma and personality disorders, including tumors, accident, and disease.

If you don't want to do this research on your own, I don't blame you. Giving up a bogus cherished belief is never easy.

Hard, reproducible, irrefutable evidence that souls don't cause people, brains do.
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