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Always God for a Laugh
God's Goon Show performs on the Millionaire Coast

Christians and Sex
About ten years into the 21st century, Christians are still trying to control sexual behavior like they did in centuries past. However, it doesn't seem to be working all that well.

Eight Hundred Years of Glory: A short history of Christianity
At least the victims of Christís love died somewhat quickly in Beziers. Those who fell into the hands of the Holy Inquisition, which was a Christian office set up to seek out and punish heretics and witches, had it a bit more rough. One eye witness wrote: "feet wrenched off legs, eyes torn from their sockets, and the prisoner burned with brimstone and basted with oil." This is no exaggeration.

Faith (Adults Only)
Believing there is a god or gods is something learned from an early age. This belief is often based on ancient myths and texts, written by superstitious people without knowledge of the world outside their immediate sphere of existence. When a child is immersed in these extraordinary tales of morality and superhuman feats, and is told by their parents that they are true, they have no choice but to believe them.

God Is Not Dead (But He's Coughing Up Blood)
Friedrich Nietzsche once said, "God is dead." I, however, believe that he was wrong. God, that is, the Judeo-Christian God, is still very much alive and should not yet be relegated to the graveyard of dead deities to rest with the likes of Odin, Mithra, or Zeus. In American society at least, God is still alive and well, though perhaps not as strong as he was 150 years ago or so. But his days are getting shorter.

Signs You're A Fundamentalist Christian
You think God hates all the same people you do. You believe God is an all-good being who loves everyone, but sends certain people to be tortured for eternity.

Why do Christians hate atheists?
This kind of animosity surfaces as anything from avoidance & distrust to outright hatred toward the nonbeliever. Yet, why is this necessary? I for one don't believe in Bigfoot or ESP, yet I've never encountered hatred or animosity from those who do. But when it comes to a religion such as Christianity, its adherents will cling to it and defend it against anyone or anything they perceive to be a threat to it. They definitely perceive atheism as a threat to Christianity, and so the hate ensues.