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20 Common Misconceptions About Atheism
Here are presented 20 common misconceptions that theists tend to have about atheists and atheism.

A newer atheism?
Jennifer McCreight has written a new blog post, in which she further tries to make the case that the atheist "movement" is rife with misogyny and women hating. She also attempts to rally her peers to create a newer atheism.

A small problem for Atheism Plus
If you look on our main page, you'll see a link to Non-Believers Giving Aid. Notice the symbol they use? This might be a problem for the Atheism+ crowd.

How I Came To Be an Atheist
I am an atheist. I am without religion or belief in any gods. If only my younger self could hear me say this now, I'm sure I'd not believe it. This is my story.

Interview with an atheist
When a theist of any religious persuasion enters into debate with an atheist, it is often with misconceptions (possibly on both sides, we admit). So it's maybe a good idea get a few basic points cleared up from the start rather than go over old ground in the Atheists Today forums themselves.

Prophets... there have been many throughout history, and few, if any, have ever really gotten any prophecy right. You would think that Jesus, being the son of God, or in reality God in human form, would be omniscient or at least be able to accurately fortell the future. God supposedly knows everything that will happen in the future, however, Jesus speaking as God never got any of his prophecy correct. So why should I put any belief into this book, the bible, when it plainly states that the end of the world was supposed to happen so long ago, yet never did?

Kissing Hank's Ass
Kissing Hank's Ass is a great clever piece which shows the absurdity of following a religion, and I believe it should be shared on every atheist website.

Waiting for the Rapture
And waiting ... and waiting

What is the threshold for "truth"? (or, Why I Am a Monist)
I recognize the deep need for answers that we all feel, but I fail to understand how anyone can accept non-answers, such as provided by the world's religions, as satisfying that need. Such answers suited when I was 8 or 9 years of age, but after high school, after realizing that 'because I say so' is no guarantee of truth, I can no longer take any comfort from them.