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Unreality TV
How about this for unreality TV: "Make Me a Christian".

No jokes please about 'give me some fresh bull dung and I'll model one for myself while I'm at it.' This is a show by the major UK Channel 4 that will group together a bunch of assorted heathens (including an atheist) and pit them against a gaggle of clergymen who will try to midwife them into being born again over the course of the series.

I'm told this may be a follow-up to a similar load of bollox last year called "Make Me a Moslem".

No. I am not making this up. Check it out for yourself here: http://friendlyat...christian/

I guess the upside is that it will give viewers a chance to see some of the silly means of persuasion used by evangelists to talk their way aroud common sense. It's a pity that it's being made in the UK where such folk are a tad more subtle and moderate than their clansmen over the water. A US version would be a real hoot.

Like thewriter of this article in 'Friendly Atheist', I wonder what would be the reaction if the tables were turned with a show called 'Make Me an Atheist'.

Hoots. Neil
Yuck. I wonder if it will be staged and the *unbelievers* will all be converted. I could see that happening, they want viewers so all the self-righteous Christians will tune in and love the show if the heathen are usually *saved*.

Blaa,makes me ill.
I dunno Neil-"Make Me an Atheist" would probably get kinda boring as a reality show-bunch of people sitting there reading bibles and looking up saying "this doesn't make ANY sense!"
Gack. That's entertainment, I suppose. If it were produced in America on network TV, it would have to be staged. The Christians would see to that.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
As stated, the cast includes: a witch, a Muslim, an unmarried couple with a child on the way, a “lesbian who sometimes sleeps with men” (isn’t that a bisexual?), a playboy, a biker/tattooist/atheist, and a lap-dancing manager… the implicit idea being that there is something wrong with being GLBT or another faith or non-religious. Obviously, these Christians believe that, but many others do not.

They also seem to assume “True Christians” would never fall into any of those categories.

Nothing like stereotyping. Hmm typical of christians to do that. Like no christian would/could ever be a lesbian, ride a motorcycle and have tottoo's. As far as no chiristian being a witch well I have seen a program where a man used the bible to cast spells on people. He stopped because he believed he actually killed a person by using certain words from the christian bible. Where's that christian on this program.

“Viewers will be deeply moved by the participants’ personal journeys. I believe that a major nationwide evangelism initiative could be launched on the back of this series," Hargreaves commented.

Oh great, not.... I blame the WOM for this. They got them all worked up and I wouldn't be surprised if they gave Hargreaves this idea. Now no one will want to be allies with the US for fear of endless pryselytizing and indoctrination.

I remember hearing about something like this on NPR once. A devout Christian father went to live with an atheist family for a short period of time, and then the atheist father went to live with the devout Christian family for the same period of time. From what I gathered, it was something devised by the folks at either NPR or PBS and I don't think it was a televised thing.

The drama was missing (which made it seem a little more real), as neither converted to each others view, and neither person was critical of the other on a personal level. The Christian father, though, did make the comment that he was quite taken aback at how much the atheist knew about the Bible and even admitted that the atheist knew more about the Bible then himself. I thought it was cool that he was humble enough to admit that. Both people seemed very nice, a real switch from the televised programs that were popular at the same time. This was right after the "God warrior" lady was getting famous from the TV program (I forget the name of the program, but you know who I am talking about I bet).
Sinny wrote:

Nothing like stereotyping. Hmm typical of christians to do that.

An intentional comedic moment?
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