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'A Universe From Nothing'
Interesting and sometimes over my head video of a presentation by Lawrence Krauss.

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From the Richard YouTube channel.
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Man this is long but interesting. I still sometimes have trouble with the big bang and something starting from nothing when it comes to this. The cosmos. It's incredible how they know the universe is expanding. Thing is what is it expanding into? space? where does space come from?
It's expanding, period. There is nothing there for it to expand into, since the 'space' isn't there yet. It's a very hard concept to comprehend. Sometimes I think I do, but I'm probably fooling myself.
Space itself is expanding, the demonstration they use is imagine our world is 2D only, space is the surface of a baloon for instance. Galaxies and such would be like coins stuck on this. You blow it up and the multiple coins move apart, but the distance between them gets greater.

The reason the galaxies remain pretty compact is because matter warps space.

As to coming from nothing, thats not included in any Big Bang theory I have ever read, much like biological evolution doesn't talk about abiogenesis.
Doubting Thomas
Yes, the "something created from nothing" is the strawman argument that Christians like to try to disprove evolution. Funny, though, because evolution has absolutely nothing to do with the Big Bang theory. Funnier still is when they claim that you can't get matter from nothing and then turn around and claim that God created the entire universe from nothing.
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