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Yoda Cat?
Is there some comedic value in this photo?
Let's see.
derF attached the following file:
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I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
The cat certainly looks pissed. It reminds more of the actor Sam Jaffe than Yoda, with the facial expression of Mark Twain.
Edited by catman on 11/11/2009 01:32
I would find it funnier if the cat naturally looked like that for some reason. In this case (for me) the fact that someone made the cat up that way takes away from the effect completely. No wonder the cat looks pissed.

Personally, I don't see any resemblance to Yoda.

My cat has passed gas a couple of times. Glad that doesn't happen frequently. =) She may be glad too, who knows.
I think some cats enjoy passing gas. It is particularly toxic when they do! We all know that they think their #@$% smells good.
Our larger dog, Zoe, passes gas regularly - and talk about Chernobyl! Ack! She can clear a room faster than anyone I've ever known (except for maybe my brother with the super stinky feet when he removes his shoes). The sad thing is she doesn't mean to. lol.
Uh-huh. Unfortunately, I had a friend with a flatulent dog and know how incredibly tear-gas-like it can be. Chernobyl, indeed!
Oh My Goodness DerF done went and found Mr. Tinkles Brother!!

Curses you have foiled I mean their plan to save Mr. Tinkles from those awful Russian women dressing him up and finally to destroy all dogs and make cats #1. Now I mean they must find another one of his Brothers for the job.

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