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'Front Hug' Your xtian Friends...
and do it up big. With this promotion from some xtians, they'll surely be missing that 'close touch' before long. But don't over-do it, as we don't want the porn industry to suffer - I think xtians comprise a large part of their sales.

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This is easily one of the worst, and most pathetic, things I've seen, heard and read about. The video is hideous - I could hardly make it through to the end, but I did get some (pathetic type) laughs out of it.


The Side-Hug: Youth Group Puts Down Sinful "Front-Hugs" With Rap (VIDEO)

Christian youth groups finally have an alternative to normal, aka "front," hugs. As we all know, face to face embraces run the horrific risk of a clothed crotch graze. The Christian Side-Hug (or the CSH, as the kids call it) rids us of sin, as the only below the belt contact will be some good old-fashioned hip on hip action.

To help the side-hug fad sweep the nation, let us present this hardcore rap song. Yup, side-hugging has hit the streets. The group has as many emcees as the Wu-Tang Clan and as much power as a barbershop quartet.

Look out for the ominous sirens blasting on the track. Clearly, these are gangsters on the run from the law - probably from side-hugging up a storm! One emcee (wearing his bandanna 2pac-style no less) admits to taking part in the forbidden front-hug. But don't worry, God. He's married.

At the end, they all simulate getting shot and dying. We can only hope there are side-hugs in heaven.


Click above link to access article and video.
Oh my god. The shamefulness of it. But shouldn't we consider the back hug as well. That could be sort of interesting. There's opportunity there for some interesting maneuvers using one's hands!
I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
The poor deluded imbeciles, spreading that crap.
Bob of QF
Side hugging?

Idiots-- they've been trying to suppress the basic human drive to fuck, since religion was invented.

And failing-- the only thing stronger than a teen's need to fuck, is his/her need for attention. And not always then.

Anyone remember that flake, Nancy Reagen's "Just Say No" campaign? It did not work-- studies proved it did not work.

One thing the religious idiots overlook, is channeling sex-drive into safe alternatives and outlets. By trying to pretend people can control the drive, they only force it under the surface-- and you get.... parents.

Dancing, hugging and other non-sex activities *can* be a substitute for actual sex, in kids-- who crave touching more than anything else.

These people are truly one brain cell from non-sentience....

...and no, I did not view the video-- I hate rap, almost as much as I hate christian lyrics.
Quantum Junction: Use both lanes

Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
I viewed about half of it. It was all I could subject myself to. What was that shit with the phony sirens, anyway? Is that supposed to give it some of that intangible "street cred", even while the participants refuse to even hug properly? Jesus H Christ.

I find most hip-hop hard to take too, since I prefer musical content.
Doubting Thomas
I think I'll avoid watching the video, if it's as pathetic as it sounds. I don't even like good hiphop or rap.

I've heard about the side hugging thing before, and just have to say that if someone's that uptight and sexually repressed that they think they may not be able to control themselves from a traditional front hug, then they really, really need professional help. Or maybe they're so horny from not having sex or masturbating they're afraid they'll pop a woody if they hug a female?

And seriously, when I hug family members, sex is not what's on my mind. Especially if it's my mother or sister. Or maybe that flies in the bible belt South.
You're just jealous because the voices are talking to me and not you.
I am not a big fan of hip hop or rap. Rap really isn't new. I have some recording of Zappa from the late 60's and early 70's that could only be classified as rap. Check out Dumb All Over sometime. I like a few hip hop tunes and I also enjoy watching hip hop dancing and I could technically be construed to be an old fart.
I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
DT - lol, right on.

There's a tiny, little bit of rap/hip hop I've heard that I like, and a very few tunes or artist in that genre that I can name that I like. I dis-like most of that music so much that I'm sure I miss the majority of what I would otherwise care for.

Greydon Square is one artist I've heard rap whose stuff I like at all.
Hypatia: I like Greydon Square too, but he's exceptional. Otherwise, the least offernsive hiphop I know of are innocuous little ditties like Who Let the Dogs Out and The Gyrlz They Like Me, in which Heavy D actually shows a sense of humor about himself. Other than those types, it's all boasting and psychopathic IMO.

(Edit:) Musically without any value whatsoever in nearly all cases. Wynton Marsalis referred to it as "cursing with a beat". Good definition.
Edited by catman on 12/03/2009 02:07
I quite agree - about Greydon Square and pretty much any other rap. Some of it is (IMO) incredibly offensive, disgusting and tasteless, to say the least.

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