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People of Wal-Mart
OMG. I made it up to page 25 before I had to stop because my face cheeks and belly are aching from laughing so much.

Maybe I should post some kind of warning before the link, but I'm just not sure what it would be... there are so many choices.
Doubting Thomas
Yeah, I've been checking that out and I have to say that it's hilarious. Probably because I've seen so many people like that at Walmart. From the weird guy wearing a woman's blouse with hotpants and flip flops to the grossly overweight woman with back boobs in the scooter cart.
You're just jealous because the voices are talking to me and not you.
I went to a Big Lots store the other day and it was much the same. I regard it as free entertainment; I didn't mind standing in line because I got to 'people watch'. They probably thought I looked funny too. Fun for all!
Oh I agree Cat that people probably look at me, too, sometimes. In my younger days I may have purposely dressed like a nut, once or twice.

But when people purposely dress in those ways, and do some of the things depicted in those photos, they're asking to be laughed at, and even ridiculed.

I think some of those people may have 'mental issues', and I don't like to laugh at people like that. But most of those people (outside of Halloween costumes, perhaps) are purposely bringing it on themselves.

Just sayin'. Smile
I don't think many of them even know how ridiculous they look. Some of them think they look cool, and others just don't care.
True. We people can be so interesting, whether we mean to be or not, and amusing, too.

You meet the finest kind of people in Walmart. The really top tier or Americana. I will not set foot in a Walmart because of their treatment of their employees. We, non Walmart, citizens are paying for the medical care of Walmart's employees. I know people have to do something to put bread on the table and work at Walmart rather that starve. But the Walton clan that owns Walmart are among the richest people in the world and all should be chained to a wall and slowly and painfully tortured to near death. Then let them recover and do it all over again for perpetuity.
I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
Wow, derF, you're the life of the party. I thought we were just having fun here.
I dunno derF, I think the same kinds of people who shop at Wal-mart are the same as who/would shop any place else, and also not, at the same time.

I say that because, regardless, they do sell somethings at 'reasonable' prices that now can cost quite a bit more in the stores where those items have been sold in the past, and they carry such a variety that typically still can't be had in those same stores. So because of that, consumers like them.

On the other hand, I know that Wal-Mart is known for being involved in various kinds of controversy, ranging from charges of unfair employment tactics to, if I recall correctly, once having claimed they sold only 'Made in America' products and then it being discovered that not being the case, and who knows what else.

I know people who refuse to shop at their stores, mostly based on principle due to the various human-rights, etc., issues that seem to be connected with them.

I know I've read about law-suits being brought against the company, many times, for employment issues. How many of those are founded in fact, and have been won by the litigants, I do not know. I think these are concerns that should be considered by people, but I also think that a. people should base a decision to not do business with them based on facts, and what has been shown to be true, and b. weigh it along with the same concerns regarding other businesses.

I do believe in using one's personal convictions as a basis to do anything - including where they shop and with whom they do business. In the case of Wal-Mart I can see the pros and the cons.

Personally, because Wal-Mart has been embroiled in so much controversy in what I would label the 'human rights' department, I am, and have been, for quite sometime, very concerned, and admit that I have done business elsewhere when I can. I also admit to still giving them some of my business, based solely on the fact that what I wanted to purchase was offered at a better price than elsewhere and they were conveniently located.

I can't help it if other stores don't offer what I need in one, or even two, or even sometimes three, convenient locations, and to pay as little as I can and not to have to make more than two or three stops to get everything I need, I end up going there. I don't like it, but I do end up doing it sometimes.

The woman who trims my hair has an intense dislike of Wal-Mart, and I think she even told me once that she sometimes actively protests against them (not sure in what way). My husband also hates going to their stores, though I'm not even certain exactly why (I'll have to ask him sometime), and for the most part he refuses to even go there. The few times I've needed/wanted him to even just drop me off at the door, and then come back for me while I 'run' in to get something, he's complained so much (I know he hates the traffic in the parking lot) that it isn't even worth it. If I have to go there, I make sure he's comfortable at home and doesn't have to bother with it.

I don't really know anything of the public having to pay for the health care benefits of Wal-Mart employees, and perhaps I should. But I do know that if the WM stores here in Albq. were to shut their doors, a lot of people would be out of work.

Social dilemmas can be so difficult, though I do care and do take those things into serious consideration.

In the meantime, maybe you'll get a laugh, or two, from the photos. I think it goes without saying that the people/things depicted in them could probably be seen and photographed almost anywhere, not just in the stores of WM.
I wonder if Target is just as bad? And K-Mart, for that matter. I wouldn't be at all surprised if all three treat their employees about the same way.

The main reason I don't shop at any of them very much is because a lot of the cheap stuff they sell is really crappy quality, and much of it is made in China. I don't refuse to buy anything from China, but given the choice, I try not to because of their abysmal human-rights record. (And, often, crappy quality.)
Edited by catman on 12/13/2009 04:36
catman wrote:
I wonder if Target is just as bad? And K-Mart, for that matter. I wouldn't be at all surprised if all three treat their employees about the same way.

The main reason I don't shop at any of them very much is because a lot of the cheap stuff they sell is really crappy quality, and much of it is made in China. I don't refuse to buy anything from China, but given the choice, I try not to because of their abysmal human-rights record. (And, often, crappy quality.)

And therein lies the other reason I refuse to shop at Walmart. They treat their employees like merchandise and purchase most of their merchandise from China. They move into communities and put the small businesses out of business. We need to start reading labels and buying American made products and get this country back on it's feet. It may seem like it costs more but the end result will actually be more prosperity for everyone.
Edited by derF on 12/14/2009 01:22
I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
When possible, I think buying from local businesses is a great idea - putting money into our local economy.
Hypatia: I agree. When I lived in Denton, I went to 7-11 most of the time when I needed to use a 'convenience store'. About a mile away, there was a small mom & pop-type store which I went to only occasionally because they couldn't quite match 7-11's prices. The last time I went there, it was closed down and I felt guilty for not having patronized it more. A valuable lesson learned, but too late for the little store's survival (not that my business would have kept it going, but it wouldn't have hurt).
It is very difficult for the smaller local businesses to compete with stores like Wal-Mart, Target, and K-Mart, and others like the big department stores, because mostly they can't match or beat prices that are due to such large volume.

One of the best gardening stores we had here, family owned and here for as long as I can remember, closed a couple of years ago, and they said it was due mostly to not being able to continue to compete with the prices of stores like Wal-Mart. The community was very sad to have them close, and it still remains that much of what we were able to get from them we still can't get from the other stores. We still need to go to a nursery, but while some of them have been around for a while too, they just aren't what that nursery was to people or offer quite what they did.

I really encourage people to buy as often as they can from local community farmer's markets in addition to other local businesses. Not only do we get locally grown vegetables and fruit that hasn't been shipped from who knows how far away, we know it hasn't been treated with the chemicals it takes to make it turn the color it's supposed to be, for example, just about the time it arrives, because it was picked too early, and all else that goes along with getting all our fresh food from some other country or even state.
Edited by Hypatia on 12/16/2009 16:17
derF wrote:
It may seem, at first, that we are saving a few bucks purchasing products produced in countries that lack our finesse in producing top-of-the-line products but in the long run you will be purchasing products that have been quality controlled to be the very best models of their particular line that has been developed to date.

If that were true, Hondas and Toyotas wouldn't have become so popular. I agree with you regarding China, whose product are generally about like Japan's were in the 1950s. When I was a kid, 'Japanese junk' was the common description. That changed soon after.

EDIT: Sorry, derF. Somehow I wiped out part of your post trying to respond to it. The gist of it was that we should buy American whenever possible in order to revive the economy, and all else being equal, I agree.
Edited by catman on 12/17/2009 15:29
I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
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