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football fans
I have been hiding out for a while because I got pissy on a post about 2 months ago.

I reread the thread and was ready to get pissy again but decided to start a new one.

I am a lifelong 49er fan. I was born early in their first season and went to my first game when I was 11 or 12 years old. If you are old enough you may remember Y. A. Title to R. C. Owens on an alley oop, I was in Kezar Stadium once when that won a game.

I first became aware of the fact that repeated concussions may cause permanent brain damage when I found out that one of my favorite all time 49ers Joe 'the jet" Perry was living with his daughter because he could no longer live on his own.

It turns out that the repeated head trauma that can occur in football can lead to alzheimer's like symptoms later. Investigators have biopsied ex-football players brains and found damage similar to what is found in alzheimer's sufferers.

I either watched in real time or on repeated television replays the deaths of Benny "kid" Paret and Davey Moore in the boxing ring. These events forced me to lose interest in boxing.

It may be easy in this year of the 49er's problems on the field, but I am beginning to wonder if I should lose my interest in football, because of the damage it may do to it's participants.
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I certainly couldn't fault you on taking a principled stance like that. To its credit, the NFL is starting to take head injuries pretty seriously -- not that it would prevent the injuries once they've occurred. Here in Pittsburgh, most of the football-related head injuries have been of the self-inflicted, wall-banging sort all across the region.

Doubting Thomas
I've never really been a sports fan, so I can't say if refusing to watch games is the right thing to do or not. As Cynic pointed out, the NFL seems to be taking this issue seriously, and it's a recently discovered problem. It's not like this has been known for decades but was swept under the carpet (at least I hope not.)
You're just jealous because the voices are talking to me and not you.
I'm a football fanatic, pretty much. I prefer college games. Tonight, Central Michigan beat Troy 44-41 in double overtime, and it was hugely entertaining. And both of the bands sounded good.
The NFL is trying to address the head injury issue. Interestingly enough most of the resistance is coming from older ex-players. There is a culture of playing through injuries that works against any attempts to protect the players.

Like our Heinz Ward, mocking Rothlisberger (as if he needs any further reduction of his mental capacity) for not playing through his last concussion.
Yes, I'm reading a biography of Red Grange which contains a lot of that 'playing through injuries' nonsense. Back in the days of leather head protection, it was just 'part of the game'. One player broke his collarbone early in a game, went back in and died two days later due to a punctured lung.
Doubting Thomas
But I bet it was worth it in order to win the game, huh?
You're just jealous because the voices are talking to me and not you.
Yes the press has been giving the head injury/alzheimers story a lot of ink. Not mentioned is a lot of the other trauma these ex football players are suffering such as joint injuries, especially the knees and shoulders. I think that in this day and age a modern armored shell could be developed that would eliminate most of these crippling injuries. Think GI Joe or Iron Man. I too am (or was) a big 49er fan since I live just a few miles from San Francisco but I am being turned off by these devastating injuries.
I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
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