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Roeder convicted
Doubting Thomas
Scott Roeder, a self-professed born-again Christian who admitted to shooting Dr. Tiller to prevent abortions, was convicted.
You're just jealous because the voices are talking to me and not you.
Good. It wasn't enough, but it'll have to do. I hope he has fun in prison.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
That was quick, he just went on trial a few weeks ago. Unfortunately he is now a martyr. He will become, like others, a monument to the idea that murder is acceptable.

What took them so long?
"The world is my country, and do good is my religion." - Thomas Paine
Good point Skeeve. The bastard admitted his guilt many times during the trial. He actually felt he had done a good thing by killing the Doctor. Hope he feels the same way about solitary confinement for life. Worthless piece of dirt.
I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
Sigh... unfortunately, I'm sure this conviction isn't going to serve as a deterrent for anyone else who might commit the same crime. I rather think it's seen as a small price to pay for carrying out what some see as their moral duty.

Doubting Thomas
37 minutes is pretty darn quick for a jury to come to a verdict. It was obviously an open-and-shut case.

Yes, unfortunately he will become a martyr for the extreme Christian right. He's already on the "Prisoners for Christ" website http://www.armyof...Clist.html which has bios of criminals convicted of crimes against abortion clinics/providers. It's sickening how they portray all these murderers and criminals as heroes.
You're just jealous because the voices are talking to me and not you.
Doubting Thomas
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This is from the Army of God's "Prisoners for Christ" page:

(Stephen's own brother and his church sold him out to the authorities. Another example not tell ANYONE; before, during or after, if you are planning on taking action. Your family, pro-lifers and your church 'friends' will sell you out in a heartbeat, thinking they are doing God's will.)

I think this kind of makes it hard for them to deny that they don't condone such activities...

And now for the funny part:

On September 11, 2006 AD, David doused his car with gasoline and drove it through the glass doors of Edgerton Women's Health Center in Davenport, Iowa which he thought was a babykilling abortion mill. David had good intentions and tried to save unborn babies from being murdered by a babykilling abortionist. More than we have done to save the lives of children being murdered.

Yeah, he's really doing a lot to get rid of abortion... next time use a rental car, but be sure to buy the insurance first. I think I'll go drive my car through the front door of a veterinarian's office in order to save all those puppies from being put to sleep. Makes about as much sense.

And what's with using AD with every date? Are they going to think that all this occurred around 4000 years ago?
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You're just jealous because the voices are talking to me and not you.
Doubting Thomas, In a perverse way thank you for the link. Looking through it was rather like looking through a website for people advocating the sexual abuse of children.

How can one so readily justify any action on the basis of their beliefs, or proclivities. I am truly appalled.
Doubting Thomas
Army of God is truly a scary group...
You're just jealous because the voices are talking to me and not you.
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