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Facebook Forum comment.
One of the reasons I was first drawn to this site when it was originally was the many debates and or arguments we had about religion. Unfortunately we don't seem to have any protracted discourse on these subjects anymore. But there are two sites on Facebook that have forums on this topic. One is called Atheist and the other Atheism. (amazingly) I post at these forums on a fairly regular basis and in an attempt to stir up debate here (although it has been thoroughly rehashed here over and over) I offer you a sample or two of some of my posts.

. . . . . . . . . .

One of the most absurd lies that peddlers of faith like to expound is the idea that fully embracing THEIR religion will result in YOU existing forever! Wow! What life loving human wouldn't go for that? Even as bad as existence here on Earth can get, most folks would rather continue with it than see it end in a big black nothingness. But wait! The purveyors of life everlasting double down on their promise and add the prospect of your foreverness taking place in paradise where, presumably, your every want is catered to and you don't even have to stop for rest. And what do they offer as proof? Why, they have an old book that was written....they don't know they don't know who....for who knows what reason, exactly. But, according to the people who expound this book, it is most assuredly the word of God.

Sounds good. But there are a few stumbling blocks between mortals and this idyllic eventuality.

If we are going to live forever how come it starts only at the time that our brains develop to the point that we actually become aware of our 'self'? Isn't forever, forever? Both forward and backward in time? And why does our body die before we achieve immortality? How good can sex and dining on the finest foods and luxuriating in the finest of things be when we don't have a body that not only appreciates it but actually needs it to some degree or another?

It all boils down to some very simplistic solutions if one looks at the situation honestly......

If something seems too good to be true . . . . . . It probably is . . . . . .

If you look at the bottom of this post and see that it wasn't edited.....It wasn't me!!!!
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I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
Life is hard. Everyone knows that. Religion offers its' followers an easy life. Except there is just one catch.

It isn't this life..... It's the one after this! One that is impossible to prove but one that they can easily cash in on as long as they convince YOU that it exists. If they do that they can enslave you to a life of worship and servitude bestowing much of the fruit of your labors towards supporting what they swear to be the truth.

What is probably most amazing about this state of affairs is all the millions upon millions of people in the last 2000 years who have bought into these malicious fictions.
I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
The problem people have with trying to extract the truth from the intentional lies and hearsay that others espouse is that lies and misinformation are easily disseminated. Because they play upon normally buried feelings and beliefs that most people, deep down, feel are wrong. But when confronted with falsities masquerading as truth that support these feelings they are more apt to embrace them and, hence, these lies and untruths propagate.

Truth, on the other hand, requires one to exert energy in it's pursuit. It is not easily ascertained. It must be panned out of the slag that often surrounds it and it must constantly be researched, verified, purified and reevaluated. Is it any wonder that lies and misinformation find it so easy to spread like viruses through their human hosts? Unfortunately truth is a very difficult fruit to pick and it will only be harvested by the strong, the intelligent and the very stubborn.
I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
The really bizarre part, IMO, about the 'forever claim' is that it starts after death. Essentially its a claim that can never be proven as it supposedly involves an entirely different plane of existence and of course no one ever comes back from the dead to verify it.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
The problem is that people will believe what they want to believe. If you can't disprove it completely, they will continue to believe it. The argument through popularity has a strong pull too.

I always get a mental image of primitive people huddled around a fire, shuddering at the sounds of large nocturnal predators around them. An opportunistic shaman takes advantage of the situation...and fade to the present day. Nothing has changed all that much.
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