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Breaking News:Sarah Palin story on ABC News hacked
UPDATE: ABC is reporting that the page everyone is talking about is just a pic of a page from Sarah Palin's website, not ABC News' story.

Story about Sarah Palin under cyber attack, is itself attacked:

(Click picture for larger image)
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I hadn't even heard about this. What happened?
Bob of QF
Well darn! I was kinda hoping to read that she'd had some reason to give up the limelight... like for health or something.

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Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
Hypatia wrote:
I hadn't even heard about this. What happened?

Someone, Anonymous hackers maybe, attacked Palins website and replaced text/video with the above screencap.

When ABC News reported it, they placed a screenshot of the hack on a page without a title and those that saw it assumed it was the ABC News report, and that it had been hacked as well.

I ran with it and within a few minutes, saw an update on the page I got it from. Shrug

Here is a quote from the original article. Her stupidity has no limit.

“No wonder others are keeping silent about Assange's antics,” Palin emailed ABC News. “This is what happens when you exercise the First Amendment and speak against his sick, un-American espionage efforts.”

The Australian is un-American. Go figure.
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