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Ten Weirdest New Animals of 2010
From National Geographics Online

My favorite: Squid Worm

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Squid? Worm? Initially, this new speciesówith bristle-based "paddles" for swimming and tentacles on its headóso perplexed Census of Marine Life researchers that they threw in the towel and simply called it squidworm, National Geographic News reported in November.

Found via remotely operated vehicle about 1.7 miles (2.8 kilometers) under the Celebes Sea (see map) in 2007, the four-inch-long (ten-centimeter-long) creature turned out to be the first member of a new family in the Polychaeta class of segmented worms.
Wow, that makes a platypus look ordinary.
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Very cool - thanks for the link.

I love this stuff.
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