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Prayer vigils
Doubting Thomas
Since the other thread about the tragedy in Tucson has devolved into a political debate, I'd like to start a new thread to discuss something I find greatly annoying.

I was listening to the radio the other day and they kept mentioning prayer vigils being held for the victims of the shooting. It seems that every time we have a national tragedy, people always have to get together and have a prayer vigil. Even our elected officials call for people to come together in prayer. I know it shouldn't, but it always annoys the hell out of me.

I guess I just want to ask what the purpose of praying for dead people is? The tragedy already happened, so what good is prayer now? You can't pray for something to un-happen. Well, I guess you could, but it's not likely to come true. I know that prayer is only a way for people in helpless situations to feel like they can make a difference, but I just wish they'd wake up and see that prayer doesn't do a damn thing. Why not make a pre-emptive prayer for bad things to never happen in our country? If prayer truly works, it would only take one person to pray for that once and nothing bad would ever happen again. Of course, Christians always believe that the more people praying for something the more likely God is to listen. So why don't they all gather once a week or so and pray for bad things to never happen? You'd think if they had strong enough faith then they'd do that. But no, they always wait until after a tragedy to pray for the victims.
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That has occured to me before as well. I think the 'prayer vigils' (which unfortunately include political office holders, a breach of the wall of separation) are held as a means of supplication for the departed so that their souls are more likely to go to the mythical Heaven, as well as a means of public mourning. Of course the aforementioned politicians are also looking for votes in the next elections.
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These very thoughts were what made me reply to that facebook friends status update.

It is wasted time and energy to pray. You explain this to people who pray and then they make up further bullshit about how you dont have to stop what you are doing, or actually speak to be in a prayerful state. What the hell is a prayerful state?

Also try and nail them down on their definition of pray and it will be like trying to grab an eel with a hand of broken fingers missing an opposable thumb.
Theory_Execution wrote:
What the hell is a prayerful state?

Any state south of the Mason Dixon lineWink
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Your post reminded me of this site:

Bob of QF
Kowboy wrote:

Your post reminded me of this site:


Why not indeed, Kowboy.... why not indeed.

That's a good site.
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seeker: LOL! Wait a minute, it's not all that funny, is it?
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
Haha Seeker, genius, I like that one. I have been accused on that discussion I mentioned over FB that I was scoffing at faith as a philosophical foundation and that I had no understanding of the word objective. I am guilty on one count.
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