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Scientists Trace Heat Wave To Massive Star At Center Of Solar System
Fascinating stuff. Pfft

PASADENA, CA—Groundbreaking new findings announced Monday suggest the record-setting heat wave plaguing much of the United States may be due to radiation emitted from an enormous star located in the center of the solar system.

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Interesting reading, but if this was translated for the writers of the Bible and sent back some how, it would be a whole new discovery, hell we might have figured out how to keep the last Cornflakes in your bowl crunchy by this time.
Indeed, what a fascinating story. I didn't realize that the Moon cools things off at night either. I'm learning all kinds of stuff today!
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
Puddles disappearing because of 'star hotness'? That's just crazy stuff. Does it matter what the star is wearing? Do puddles disappear faster when Scarlett Johansson is wearing the skintight suit she wore in Iron Man II?
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
Damn, the Onion can be funny. The classic "Man Lands on The Fucking Moon!" headline is still one of my favourites.

Area Man and Area Woman are always up to something in that paper.
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