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My favorite X Factor Britian/America/Australia's Got Talent auditions [MEGAPOST]
I don't really watch these shows, except for YouTube clips. These are the first auditions of my favorite singers. Search YouTube for more from some of these (like Olly Murs), to see some exceptional talent once they've worked with the professionals.

**EDIT** Looks like most of these are disabled for embedding, click the YouTube logos to go directly to the pages.

X Factor:

Got Talent:

This one is awesome, a father/son audition that goes wrong, but in a good way!

And of course, I have to put Jack Vidgen in the list

Edited by Skeeve on 08/22/2011 15:01
And where are they now?

I come across as a right evil bastard when we talk about these talent shows, but here there is a remarkable difference between talent and what most of the above actually have - ability.

You may say they are the same word, which is the case generally speaking, but in the case of these shows, X Factor mainly, the word Talent is embossed with something extra, the secret formula that elevates the presentation of skill to a performance.

Yes they can all technically sing, I can, but there has to be something else there. Typically in the usual climb to success you are related to a mobster.... no no, I imagine typically you start out in the street, parties, bars and then get discovered - this time spent living-it being essential to developing your character, so that you may put the emotional experiences of your life into your music.

So that you can speak beyond your words. Many of the above do not have this, and for the fact of being handed a title-fight before a few bouts in an amateur career, some will never see the likes of true glory.

The best analogy I can think of currently would be to hit it off with a girl, go back for some boot-knocking and peak five minutes into the foray. She will likely not ask you back for seconds if she did not get hers also. Should you take your time, develop your approach, root out the right region:- she will be more likely to keep you around.

Another thing that annoys me about these shows is how the top picks must have a stressful history - a loved one dying and making them promise to come on the show - it makes me wonder, do they turn away better singers, simply because they didn't have some televisable story to push?
Like I said I don't watch these shows, mainly because of the embarrassment and ridicule some of the contestants go through in the early auditions.

The tragedy/hardship angle doesn't appeal to me either, and since most of these shows depend on viewer votes to decide a winner, this does play an important part of the selection.

This thread is mainly to highlight some of my favorite auditions I've found on YouTube, nothing more.

Btw, I won't be putting any American Idol clips here, that show is the worst of the lot.
I find them to be an interesting insight into the music industry. The winners of these shows are almost always the contestants that allow themselves to be groomed over the course of the contest in a particular way.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
Here's another I like

Janet Devlin, X Factor 2011


I would put her version of this song on my iPod.
Amanda really spoilt her face with the lip augmentation she had, so sad the people go under the knife/needle.

And to the video you linked last Skeeve, not available in the UK, the mind does ponder on what it contains however.... 8-bit rendition of Elvis Costello's "Watching the Detectives"?
I'll download it and post it here.
Skeeve wrote:

Janet Devlin, X Factor 2011


I would put her version of this song on my iPod.

Theory_Execution wrote:

And to the video you linked last Skeeve, not available in the UK, the mind does ponder on what it contains however....

Edited by Skeeve on 06/16/2013 19:06
Hmm, video not found.
That's odd, it's open on my other computer, and not even logged in I can see it. It's on the atheiststoday server, so there shouldn't be any restrictions.

Anyone else outside the US see the video?

eta: had someone from TR try it and it worked. He's in London, so it's not a regional block. The video and player are both on our server. Shrug
Edited by Skeeve on 08/23/2011 20:02
It is working now, on ym work computer - could have been an issue with my home puter.

I did watch her performance before.
She does have talent, the best bit is where she says she writes her own stuff - be very interesting to see if they let her showcase it later in the show - instead of the usual approach of forcing covers.

After watching this, and a bit of that Tiny Home I mentioned a while back, I found this woman. Such a strange approach to the vocals, have a listen.

I have no harp music in my collection - but just look at those hands go, my young male mind does drift to other applications...

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