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Alright, that's it!
I've never necessarily been a fan of Dancing With The Stars. I've watched it a handful of times or so - mostly when Buzz Aldrin competed, or with my MIL when she was alive. I have sometimes enjoyed the dancing, and some of what I've seen has been very good. Sometimes I've been impressed with how much someone improved after a few episodes, etc. But mostly it's not really my thing.

Some of you may have noticed in the headlines recently - it's hard not to, that kind of 'news' is everywhere, right? - that Chaz Bono is one of those selected to compete in the upcoming season. As you might well imagine, some of our fine, upstanding, moral fellow citizens and humans have seen fit to make a fuss about it. Some argue that Chaz Bono, as well as some of the others selected for the coming season and in past seasons as well are not 'star' or 'celebrity' title worthy, their level of celebrity doesn't measure up to the name of the show. That may be a somewhat valid argument, though I contend that DWTS has pretty much always chosen participants that run the gamut in that standard - from what I've noticed.

I was reading an article yesterday about the broohaha (sp?) and out of curiosity followed a link to ABCs DWTS forum, to see what people were saying there. Maybe one other time in all the time I've been on the Internet have I bothered to take the time and trouble to register for a forum related to a topic such as this, but after I read three or four pages of the comments I just thought, 'That's it! I'm goin' in'.

I made about four comments yesterday - one on what seemed to be a recurring subject/theme - Chaz Bono being transgender(ed?) (shocking, I know, but pick your chins up off the floor) - and who knows how far back they are now. But today someone asked me for a link to that forum and when I went to the site, what did I have to do but start reading the comments again, lol. And the second one I came to I just couldn't resist replying to (follows below).

I know, it was fully expected (the fuss, not me posting comments), but I'm just pissed that people have turned what should be something that anyone should be able to enjoy participating in into an opportunity to be mean spirited and nasty and spread their ignorance and venom like some rampant, rabid venereal disease. Why can't it be enough to simply say, 'This goes against my personal principles, I don't agree with it, so therefore I won't be watching anymore'? I'm fed up with and weary of so much meanness and inconsiderateness and disrespect, all in the name of being entitled to ones 'opinion'. Pthft. Opinion my ass. Pull another bigoted excuse out of your ass. Oh wait, someone will, won't they? There will continue to be one after another, so I need to just stop reading the damn comments there now.

Anyway, the first paragraph (in italics) is the one I replied to, then my comment (bold) (TeeEsser), and the one other comment that had been left in regard to the first one.

Every single one of Ms. Bono’s somatic cells contain 2 X-chromosomes and every single one of her gametes contain 1 X-chromosome…that will never change no matter how many hormone treatments she gets injected with, no matter how much facial hair she grows, and no matter which body parts are surgically altered. Because Ms. Bono’s DNA (chromosomes) cannot be changed, she will always be a girl. So enough already with the politically-correct in-your-face bs lie about Ms. Bono being a man. Let's get real and call a spade a spade...Ms. Bono is a woman wannabe man and that's all folks.

TeeEsser (Me)
I suspect that most of us who have the slightest bit of intelligence and a basic education are fully aware of the fact that, biologically speaking, Mr. Bono cannot possibly change his DNA makeup. But he has made a gender change to the best of his ability, and that change is legally recognized in the state Mr. Bono resides in as well. Your snide refusal to respect Mr. Bono based on whatever your obvious personal bias is cancels out, IMO, your also obvious self-perceived intelligence and self-importance. I, for one, am not favorably impressed by your comment or your attitude. Being so full of yourself is very unattractive.

Wow! That's an awesome post! I love it when American's stand up and prove their intelligence. That's incredible. Obviously, no matter how many books you read, or how much education you have you will always be an ignorant, intolerant moron. Thanks so much for proving a point!

This is the forum, if anyone has the stomach to take a gander.

Oh! Oh! Someone's going to have to hold me back! Just saw this reply to Switzerland11's post:

Bravo Switzerland11! thank you for speaking the truth. people say that we're hateful judgmental bigots for speaking the truth, (isn't that in itself judgmental)? I keep seeing posts that we should love these people. But don't we try to help the people we love? we don't just keep quiet and let them continue on a destructive path. If a person wanted to be a cat their whole life, to the point where they decide to "be" a cat, wears contacts, put implants in their face, (like Jocelyn Wildenstein) and demand that we refer to them as a feline... wouldn't someone step in? if you love this person, don't you try to get them help? Chaz cannot be a man anymore than she can be a cat. and turning a blind eye to it, and agreeing to join her in her fantasy says a lot about our "modern" 21 century. that isn't love. and it's absolutely surreal that we have to even argue something so obvious. if we live in a world where anything goes, then we will have chaos. if the law can declare that a women has legally "become" a man, then where does it end? then she can "become" a cat, because it's what makes her happy. she can become a bird. then someone can marry their dog, because they cannot help who they love. then a 40 year old man can marry an 10 year old girl, because they cannot help who they love. once something like this is acceptable, then who's to say what will follow?

'Stop reading, stop reading, stop reading... ' Shock

Okay, this one was good:

Dear Switzerland11, What are you nagging about chromosomes and cells. Did you ever check yours ? Who cares what our gametes contain. Get real. Maybe you don't manage to realize what you want in your life, but let others in peace who show the courage to do that. Chaz Bono deserves the highest esteem for showing a strong personality, which counts more than her gametescontent.
cheers140 is doing that fucking stupid non-equal analogy crap like they did with gay marriage.

If you allow men to marry men, it won't be long before you're allowed to marry animals

Wanting to be the sex you feel you are is not the fucking same as wanting to be an animal, cat or otherwise.

I'll have to come back to this later, still trying to figure out the login cookie issue.

Wonderful reply, btw Hypatia!
Thanks Skeeve.

The catman doesn't appreciate all that blather about becoming a cat. How absurd. Cats are the highest forms of life, after all.

BTW, Hypatia, I think the word is usually spelled 'brouhaha'. Not that it matter.

When I heard about Chaz Bono being selected for Dancing with the Stars, my first thought was not about his transgenderedness but rather that he doesn't appear to be in very good physical shape. That stuff is really athletic! I'm not a big fan of that show, much preferring So You Think You Can Dance. I just don't care about celebrities' aptitude for dancing (or very much else).
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Bob of QF
Skeeve wrote:

cheers140 is doing that fucking stupid non-equal analogy crap like they did with gay marriage.

If you allow men to marry men, it won't be long before you're allowed to marry animals

Wanting to be the sex you feel you are is not the fucking same as wanting to be an animal, cat or otherwise.

I'll have to come back to this later, still trying to figure out the login cookie issue.

Wonderful reply, btw Hypatia!

What he said--

-- but.

The fact that a fundiodit would immediately imagine having sex with animals?

Only reveals his/her most secret, inner desires (that are now, not so secret)... I truly pity any pets this fundiseased fool may be harboring.
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Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
Christians just can't imagine life without someone telling them what to do. Apparently if no one tells them that bestiality or trans-speciation (I think I just made up a word) are not good things to do then they can't figure it out on their own.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
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