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RIP Steve Jobs
Bob of QF
You gave us the iPod and created the meme of placing a lower-case "i" in front of things.

Your insight and understanding of what would actually work, has created a form/design that most modern electronics pay at least some homage to in some fashion.

Your notable ability to sell, could convince a thirsty man coming in from the desert, that what he really needed, was a box of sand.

Although many did not agree with your methods, nobody can say they were not successful.

RIP, Jobs. May you find your latest journey, where ever it may take you next, to your liking.
Quantum Junction: Use both lanes

Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
Your tact of charging thrice the price for standard equipment.

Your decision to make equipment difficult to expand.

Your lie about infertility to weasle out of looking after the kid you spawned.

RIP, but please people have some perspective.
Ah, the seamy underside of the edifice of Steve Jobs.
The entire top 2/3rds of yesterdays San Francisco Chronicle was dedicated to pictures and the beginnings of two articles that continued inside and with other articles about Jobs took up 4 full pages.

I suppose when the only thing the region does anymore is design computers and other personal electronics and one of the major figures in that "industry" dies it deserves some attention but 4 and 2/3rs pages come on. I would wish some of the other business we continue in California like agriculture would get equal billing. Not as sexy as an electronic designer.
Bob of QF
Like him or hate him, he did change the world.

Not that many individuals can make that statement; at best, most folk contribute some to the change-- even the top politicians can only claim to be a part of change caused by them and others' efforts.

But Jobs changed the world-- there are now few electronics, including even kitchen gadgets, that do not reflect some of his styling cues.

And he has defined the music player, and the computer-tablet with his designs that he created and sold the shit out of. To name but two.

Sure, I despise CrApple products-- I hale from the form must follow function school, and some of his form caused severe compromise in functionality.

Even so, you cannot take away the fact he changed the world with is own personal vision.

I'll take either a generation or another visionary to eliminate the "Jobs Design" elements in personal electronics. For good or ill.
Quantum Junction: Use both lanes

Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
Another guy died on the same day, he also contributed in changing America at least.

It didn't appear in the news over here at all. Anyone know who that was?
TE - We all have feet of clay.

I hope you don't mean Bernie Mac.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
Fred Shuttlesworth, but I suppose he did die after a long life.
Seeker, Bernie Mac died two years ago, unless you know one different from the comedian/actor.
LOL, I guess I'm somewhat behind the news cycle on that one.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
So today I went to get some dinner between the 49er game and the Falcons and Packers game. I passed the local Apple store, twice actually going and coming, there is a shrine out in front of it. Some note pasted on to the wall and a small pile of flowers. I cursed under my breath going and coming. No one who did this knew Jobs, no one who did this had a personal relationship with Jobs. It was rather as if because he had become a successful businessman he deserved praise and adoration for that.

It is as if we should forget the use of the Pinkertons to suppress unions in his mill by Carnegie because he established a lot of libraries across the country.

Jobs made more money because he shipped much of the production to China. The very machine I am typing on is from China, or at least assembled there, I expect with the great percentage of the parts from places like Thailand.

Jobs was a smart man. He was clever in developing computer operating systems that were user friendly, I disagree with you to an extent there Bob of QF. But he deserves no shrines by people who do not know him, and particularly by working americans.
This is the problem with business practices as they are - to make the top money you have to reduce your overheads, when you have driven resource prices to their minimum, the only thing left is the welfare of your work force.

Subsistence business appeals to me, just producing enough, at a price that will maintain you and your workforce. Obviously there are problems there because changing markets/improving technology may render your product useless and you will not have the funds to buy into new ventures - but it would make people happier I am guessing.

I am looking into importing from China myself - I have a concern about how I am going to secure my money in the transaction though.
TE - That model of global business is the just a disaster in waiting. Global corporations end up working to funnel money out of western economies into third world countries. Economic problems in Europe and the US is the inevitable result.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
I don't think that 'subsistence' business has a chance against the huge corporations. The bigger they get, the lower their prices can be. I sadly watched all the 'mom and pop' small stores disappear in my area as the big boys took over. The former simply couldn't buy a million of anything at a time.
I knew about Steve Jobs' pancreatic cancer back in 2005. I knew he didn't have long to live as pancreatic cancer kills VERY quickly. I thought he was done for in 2009 after his liver transplant, but he trudged on. Back in January when he took medical leave I thought it was the end, but he came back. In August he named Tim Cook as his successor and stepped down, yet staying on as a chairman. I was at work in the break room when I watched this and I said aloud, "Farewell Steve. You gave us all you could." It was at that point I knew he was going away for good. Little less than 2mo later he departed from this world.
You always think people that have so much to give will go one forever because there is no way they could stop giving. George Carlin, Michael Jackson, and Steve Jobs just to name a few.

I have a few Apple products myself. Not a fan of the iPod, iPad, iMac, iPhone, iDontgiveadamn products, but I love the MacBook Pro. I have a few of them and they last forever. I have had PCs come and go, but the Macs just have this "never say die" attitude just like Steve Jobs. They integrate with everything and I am able to run Mac OS X, Windows and Linux from them. Now tell me what PC can do that? Windows and Linux sure, but you are not going to get OS X to run on any PC hardware without some severe modification and only on an Intel proc, sorry AMD. As for the large price of a Mac I am happy to pay because of the above. They last a long time and they can run the best of the 3 worlds.

RIP Steve Jobs...iSad
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That's right, I said it...
A PC can run Mac OS X (even an AMD can run Linux).

A Mac anything is simply standard PC equipment that has been cut into a sleek design - looks good, but limits expandability and with the price hike why bother?

Go have a look at the apple website, for 8Gb (DDR3, 1066Mhz, ECC) of memory (5 over the standard 3) you add another 300 pound to the price. I bought another 4gig for my setup, DDR3 1600Mhz non-Ecc for 50 - Kingston I believe.

Take another thing, they want near 600 to make the system solid state SATA compatible - AMD mobo comes with this. And a 1TB internal harddrive does not cost 122

It may not have been Steve who organised the financial side of the business, but someone is screwing over someone here.
You missed some of what I said. I did say that a PC can run OS X it just takes a lot of modifications. Not the average Joe can do it and it doesn't run on AMD. AMD was the first processor I had that I ran Linux on...K5? K6? I don't remember it was back in '97. Way too long ago for me to remember. IMO I think Linux runs better on an AMD core. They were 64bit long before Intel decided to go 64bit.

A Mac anything is not standard PC equipment. It is tested extensively to make sure that it runs with every OS X version that is currently being sold when it is designed and it is top quality. Sure I can go and buy an EVGA(nVidia knock off) for my PC, but I can guarantee you that card will only last you a year before it fails. I know this because back when my ass was broke a 100$ HD video card w/1GB of RAM was superb, but I was buying one every year. After 5 years you have spent 500$ on one video card where as the brand name nVidia card has lasted all 5yrs and could do another 5 in the same laptop. I still have a PowerPC G4 that was bought in 2004 and is still in perfect working condition. I only added 1GB of RAM over the years, but have never had to get anything on it replaced. My oldest PC is from 2006 and I have replaced the RAM, HDD and video card on that thing. I am still running the PC today and it has problems all the time. About the only thing it is good for is crunching numbers for SkyNet. However, if I wanted to dust off the old PPC G4 is could do most of what I was able to back in the day. It is not Intel based so there is a huge limit to what it actually can do nowadays. I also like the idea of a 7hr battery(on my new Mac) when browsing simple internet or doing basic work. I'd be lucky to get 5hrs on a Windows system.

The price game can be played anywhere. I even played it when I bought my most recent MacBook Pro back in February. I could have bought a Core i7 for 150$ more, but I went when the i5 because there was no difference in ANYTHING. All the hardware was the same, all the way down to the Ghz, memory speed, HDD size/speed. The only difference was the i7. There is no difference in the Core i5 that I bought and the model that was being sold except for the hyperthreading. Based on the models being sold at the time AND if I were to make use of the hyperthreading(which would have been practically never) there would only be a 5% increase over the entire quad-core spread, not per core. Not very impressive IMO.

In the end it is all in what you need. I didn't need a SSD. I honestly do not think they are ready for mainstream use. I have seen an SSD on a MacBook Air and it is pretty damn fast, but I do too much number crunching and would be having drive issues within a few months to a year.

Over all I do agree that the price is not fully justified and someone is making a few $ off the top, but it is still a much better machine for the hardware and what it can do over a PC. That is just my opinion. Yours may vary Wink
That's right, I said it...
Well I do not edit video, or do much graphic design at all - this seems to be the main-stay of what mac users seem to do - so I would guess they are better for that.

What I do do is game. I also enjoy the familiarity of windows (not liking this idea of Windows 8, hiding everything, essentially turning your pc into a pda).

And lastly, I like to make my own stuff - which is why my last two computers I have put together. Both still work, think I made the first back in 2006, and this latest one (went for a new rig to play later games) in 2009/2010.

Running two monitors at the moment with room to go to five. I can increase RAM up to 16GB at 1666Ghz if need be (8 gig is doing me fine atm), its an AMD quadcore all working under windows 7.

I use a dual core Windows 7 PC at work - now that has pissed me off somewhat - links to networked folders will delete if you have more than four on your desktop and there is no decent integrated search function (the new one tends to miss files).

But saying that, I enjoyed finding the fix for both.
I don't do a whole lot of video/audio either. I just think they are extremely fast. Maybe it is just perception, but I am convinced that my Core 2 Duo Mac runs Win7 faster than my equivalent PC.
I completely agree on Win8. I am running a BETA of it and all I can say is, "hmmm, this sucks." The PDA type design is very lame. I wonder if they are trying to make it so that you can't tell the phones apart from the desktop OR they are going to move everything to a cloud interface. Where nothing is run on the PC itself, yet run from a remote server. In Win8 the desktop does not exist unless you specifically chose to run it ...there goes the desktop.
I like to build my own comps too. That is one of the great pleasures of a PC. The simple fact that you can put exactly what you want in it. I would have loved to put 8GB in my Mac rather than the 4GB it came with. I can still game on my Mac with full graphics and that is even on new games. Fable III is my new sin and it's delicious in 50" 3D. However, come February, I am not going to buy another Mac, but will be building a power house PC that will even trump the current Mac I have. Grin
I also agree on Win7. Even though MS redeemed themselves after Vista with Win7, the luster has just seemed to fade with Windows. I have been using OS X and Linux more and more and am completely satisfied with them. Especially Linux in the past few years has been making leaps and bounds in the gaming dept. I just see Windows going in the direction of more business use and Linux coming out king for gaming. Although a lot of people think that gaming will be going more into consoles, which to me, is a tragedy. I can't stand single use items. At least my Wii can get Netflix and my TV can browse the web along with YouTube, Pandora and a few other nice features. I don't even have a BD/DVD player. Just hook up the Mac to the TV and watch.
That's right, I said it...
I hate consoles now. Liked them when they were the only device I could game on (had a commadore 64, atari, nintendo, super nintendo and played on the neighbours sega genesis).

My reason for hating them - they have dragged down the complexity of PC/desktop games. The companies have moved to please the casual gamer, so the keys are limited and the game play limited so that you can pick it up in five minutes.

I think gaming should be testing (which is why that article about folding was quite interesting to me).

I like my dual monitor PC because I can listen to Ask An Atheist, type on atheiststoday and play some sort of PC game.
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