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Brothers in Arms, not quite
It is my birthday in a few days, and after the illness of a mutual friend my brother took the time to arrange a visit.

My brother is an atheist, he has no time for religion, but I have just left a sit down meal (walked out in disgust) due to what he was saying.

We were at first discussing an incident I had with a car driver (me a cyclist) - I had indicated to come infront of the driver, and consequently was cycling mid-lane for some time wearing high-vis clothing with retoreflective tape on my bike. The driver pulled into the on coming lane, in order to overtake me, even though he stopped at the red light mere yards away. During his overtake he pulled back into the lane I occupied, forcing me into the gutter.

I was trying to explain the idiocy of the driver when my brother responded "He probably didn't see you.".

Well obviously, if the car pulled out of the lane into on coming traffic, he did so for a reason, namely seeing something infront of him, whether it was late, or planned, it was because he saw me... this annoyed me, this is obvious to me - so I asked him to explain how he could say that someone who had maneuvered around an obstacle (extraordinary to typical behaviour) did not see the obstacle.

Well this conversation moved onto me responding to feeds on facebook - where a 'friend' will ask for money for a religious charity, or ask for people to join them in prayer for the solution of some problem. I have replied that the money would be best spent on medicine, aid and practicle things. That the time would be best spent tackling the problem.

It is at this point my housemate said Iforce my opinion on others, and that my brother said I will not accept other peoples opinions or will not agree to disagree.

Firstly, I clarified that I do respect peoples rights to hold an opinion, but as soon as it is in the open world (posted on facebook) it becomes a matter of weighing up an opinion on the basis of its supporting evidence (reasoned position an'all). I stated I would never 'agree to disagree', because in subjects beyond the subjective (taste, favourite colour etc) at least one person is wrong.

So the house mate and brother started throwing noise at me, and I really thought my brother was better than this. I took the dramatic route, after raising my voice and running through an example (bibles dont prevent AIDs, but condoms reduce transmission of AIDs), picked up my coat, dropped a bill on the table and walked out.

I really was not expecting my brother to be like that, he has been an atheist for longer than I have. Have I missed the mark somewhere?

I have never, in my responses, called the person an idiot, demeaned their position with ridicule alone - when I have replied I have explained why I think the opposite. That is not trampling their opinion, but bringing both opinions to the scale and deciding the best on the weight of their supporting evidence.

I do not post messages of the ilk 'Religion is all bullshit get over it' nor do I knock on the doors of strangers to ask them if they have thought about not thinking about Jesus. I reply in kind with evidence to boot, or on the rare occasion mention a story that has appeared in the news.
I wasn't there so I can't really speak on the situation. However, I have a younger brother who is, well, a fucking prick. He is extremely opinionated and will go against me in an argument(even though we both have mutual agreement on said subject) just for the sole purpose of arguing. He is a little ball of hate and just wants to spread it around to put everyone in a bad mood. Every once and again this happens and it just sets me off, but I typically ignore him after a few exchanges when I realize that he is just being an asshole to ruffle feathers.
That's right, I said it...
I think that is what my brother thinks I am.

But last night he was honestly saying that a public opinion which is unsupported by evidence and clear thought, is as good as one that has a wealth of evidence and reason behind it.
When you have discussions with people you know well they tend to be about more than just the matter at hand.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
Very true seeker, very true.
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