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What is Atheism?
Here is a nice article from American Atheists to bookmark and share.

What is atheism?

“Under no circumstances would I ever vote for an atheist [for President] because they are terrible [and have] no moral code.” – Star Jones, from the ABC morning television show The View, March 16 2002

“What is atheism” is usually the one question never asked of atheists. Most people do not ask this question because they already have their own ideas about what atheism is and what atheists are. Where these ideas originate vary from their minister to their social circle to myths encouraged by certain media outlets.

Theists usually define atheism incorrectly as a belief system. The ulterior motive behind this incorrect definition is that if atheism is a belief system, then theists can refer to atheism as a religion. If one can refer to atheism as a religion, then one can argue that attempts to uphold the separation of church and state (SOCAS) supports the “religion of atheism.”

From the No God Blog
"The world is my country, and do good is my religion." - Thomas Paine
Yes, I like that. It also makes me glad that I don't wake up early enough as a rule to watch The View. What a vile calumny.
Right Star - there aren't any 'terrible', immoral Christians.

I wonder which one of them she'll vote for President next.
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