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Chopra & O'Reilly on Dawkins
Deepak Chopra and Bill O'Reilly discuss Richard Dawkins: 'Believers vs. Non-believers'.

The closest Chopra has gotten to getting it right was saying that we need to accept the unknowable.

As usual, O'Reilly isn't anywhere close to being on base.
May I puke now. Ignorance is bliss.
Bob of QF
Pardon me, but I'm just gonna pass on that one--

-- I would rather suffer a migraine than willingly listen to anything either of those air-heads had to say.
Quantum Junction: Use both lanes

Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
I agree. That would be 5:08 of my life I'd never get back. Bill O'Reilly makes me want to blow chunks.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
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