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Where's Winter?
So it's the 26th of January and we haven't had a real Winter yet. What's going on?

Around this time for the last few years, we've had freezing temps, ice storms and blizzards. Excepting the occasional run of rain, we've had nothing but cool, sometimes cold, sunshiney days.

Since global warming is a hoax, can anyone explain to me why Winter decided not to visit?
"The world is my country, and do good is my religion." - Thomas Paine
The baybe jesus figured the ho-mo-sexy'alls and damned fornicaytors were bigs fans of the libral commie winter, so he did away with it. Amen.
Theory_Execution wrote:

The baybe jesus figured the ho-mo-sexy'alls and damned fornicaytors were bigs fans of the libral commie winter, so he did away with it. Amen.

Skeeve: One half of one winter is hardly definitive concerning global warming. I am convinced that it is real and happening, but look out for February! It could still be a cold bitch. It still gets cold here in Texas, but it doesn't stay cold for long like it used to.
Indeed, catman. Last year it was February 1st & 2nd when we had that ice storm. I remember because I took a 'weather' day from work on both those days. Then if I remember correctly, it was the 4th when it snowed a few inches. Shut the state down! Pfft Texans are a bunch of wusses when it comes to snow that's for sure.
That's right, I said it...
It is a damn shame that it has been termed Global Warming, much like The Big Bang was poorly termed (in that case it was an objector not grasping the idea).

GW talks of an overall increase in global temperature, which under half a degree we could all live with, however it is what occurs as a result of this which will make a lot of things die out or harder to live through.

Crazy weather patterns are a result.
Bob of QF
Well, if you consider there is a vast difference between "climate" and "weather"? It helps. Alas, the fungelicals cannot make this distinction...

... another interesting fact:

Since the atmosphere is basically a giant heat-engine, driven by the sun? It utilizes the sun's radiant energy to move large air-masses about, and to vaporize all that lovely water over the oceans, without which everywhere would be desert.

Since it is a heat engine, what happens when you either pump in more heat (one hypothesis) or if you add an insulating layer to retain more heat (another hypothesis)?

Answer: the engine "speeds up"-- same as if you step on the gas for an auto's engine.

What is the effects of such a speed-up?

That's easy: more rapid changes (as the air-masses get moved around more, and quicker). More water-vapor meaning more intense rainfall in some places.

Also, changing the rate and quantity of air-movement will change the patterns of rainfall, as well as the locations of the more interesting phenomena, such as tornadoes and hurricanes. Including both the intensity and frequency.

Bottom line: increasing the available energy to the atmosphere means more intense (but shorter) weather everywhere; colder colds, hotter hots, wetter wets, drier dries. And more quickly (usually) than previously recorded.

It's akin to playing a 33 1/3 record at 78....

... and turning up the volume too.

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Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
I am not sure how severe it is but here in California we are experiencing a drought. We need winter rain and snow because summer rain, with the exception of thunderstorms in the mountains, is very rare. We have had a bit of cold or at least what coastal California calls cold.

TE, you are correct. More than 25 years ago as part of a project I was discussing with a scientist at the state how reliable were 100 years of weather records. He told me that tree ring data indicated they were reasonably accurate. I then asked him what effects global warming (then just being discussed) might have, he said no one is sure, there are some that think in general climate will get warmer and dryer, and there are some that think weather patterns will get more extreme.
That will have a lot to do with the La Nina vs. El Nino ratio. It seems that La Ninas have been overrepresented lately, causing mild winters and drought here in Texas. What happens in the oceans has a big influence on what happens on land.

Bob of QF: An excellent presentation! I tool both Meteorology and Climatology courses in college and found both fascinating.
Bob of QF
Thanks, Catman.

I think so too-- weather and climate are fascinating areas of study.

Of course, the oceans play a major role in this too, as the oceanic currents, some driven by the earth's rotation, some driven by heating/cooling of northern and southern hemispheres, move masses of cold and hot water about.

Obviously this contributes or detracts from the total available energy the atmosphere has, and affects the total water load.
Quantum Junction: Use both lanes

Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
This is my first year in NC, and I was so looking forward to the cooler temps, and to winter, after living in the desert so long. But the temps have been quite a bit warmer than the average. We've only had a couple of very light dustings of snow, whereas usually, apparently, there normally would have been a couple of good snows by now.

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