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A sad tale
I am staying with my separated from wife to do some yard work for her. She, for unimportant reasons, pointed me toward a few boxes and bags in the back yard. They contained all the alcohol from the house of a close friend (I have known him for almost 50 years) who lives nearby. Included in one of the boxes was a couple of cans of white gas. I asked what was that doing there, because he will sniff it.

"He" is the 18 year old nephew of my close friend, a boy I have know from infancy, who is currently staying with my old friend. I do not remember the exact year but the boy's father (my friends brother) died when he was maybe 12, his parents had been separated and divorced for some years before that. For the most part the boy was raised by his mother who is somewhat self centered and put most of her affection toward the boy's younger sister.

The boy has always been a bit of trouble and not too long after his father died he started acting out in the usual ways. Smoking cigarettes at an early age, various drugs some of them ones I will not touch, alcohol, acting out in school and skipping it, you know the usual.

I did not realize how far this child/adult had slid until the sniffing white gas came up. This is not the child of poverty his father had a rather successful business and at 21 he will receive enough money that if managed correctly could allow him to live out his life without working. The current betting is that he will blow it all on drugs and alcohol in a short period. Currently he chooses to essentially live as if he was homeless even though he receives $1000 a month from a trust.

It is not as if his childhood was full of strife and difficulty. Yes his parents were divorced, yes his father died at an inopportune time, yes his mother is not optimal. But he was never physically abused, there were bunches of people around him that would and did support him, materially he never wanted.

My close friend has tried to in various ways stand in for his father especially for the last 4 years or so. I have tried to point out that one may not agree with certain laws (ganga restrictions being a simple one) but flaunting them will only get you arrested. He recently for example had to be talked into doing a month in jail for a parole violation. He talked of going on the run as if it was an easy thing to do. A parole violation that probably would have gotten him serious time if he was an adult.

Taking it all into account one can only conclude this child was born with a self destructive gene so strong that no amount of care around him would overcome it. I will probably not live long enough to see how it all plays out but I am almost certain it will not be well.

It is arguable that his parents should never have had children. I have not seen her in years but by the accounts of my old friend his sister is a colossal bitch, who has been difficult to deal with regarding a family property which she is heir to. I know in my limited contact with her I tried to stay away from her.
Sadly, this happens to a lot of people. Especially wealthier kids who had parents with poor parental skills. I knew a kids who grew up 3 doors down from me. His parents were filthy rich and he had every thing he ever wanted. He ran away once when he was 14, stole his dad's fully restored convertible '67 Mustang, drove it to Colorado(we lived in Las Vegas, NV) and also brought along 2 of his dad's 12GA shotguns and two of his friends. After the police found him and brought him back home, not a week later he had a go-cart that was a replica of the bigfoot monster truck.
His mom was a complete cunt, but always made 'nicey nice' in front of his friends and other people. His parents divorced when he was 16. Being a kid that got in trouble, but never any consequences the school system was able to provide consequences. The school system didn't want him in school with the good kids so they sent him to a school known as Horizon. He manage to get into drugs and other things as his dad let him do whatever he wanted. He never made anything of himself. The best job he ever had out of high school was installing car radios.
As a kid me and my two other nerdy friends were always bullied by him and his cronies. We really didn't give a damn because he never picked on us when he was by himself. we knew he was a spoiled little bitch and when anyone of us stood up to him he would back off, but when he was with his 'crew' he was all powerful. Years later when I found out about the background of his home life I realized why he was a bully.
In the Summer of 2008 I get a call from my mom saying that he went back out to his dad's house, when his dad wasn't home, took one of his dad's high powered rifles and drove a few miles down the road. He parked his truck in a parking lot, put the gun in his mouth and was found the next morning by one of his dad's friends.

You may just want to keep an eye on this least for a while.
That's right, I said it...
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