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Hypocricy has no bounds
I am listening this morning to Democracy Now and they are interviewing a canadian environmentalist named David Suzuki. Mr. Suzuki has 5 children. It is the height of hypocrisy to posture certain beliefs than act in opposition to them. I would suggest strongly that someone who posits an environmental position but allows themselves to have 5 children is flawed in their sense of morality.

I am sorry sir but you are a fraud. I may agree completely with what you say but your actions have put a lie to your voice.
So are people who drive big ass diesel trucks yet say they are helping the environment by using a renewable fuel. I want to say to them, "You may be using a renewable fuel source, but it is still releasing the carbon that the 'corn' absorbed during it's life." That stuff is just as polluting and fossil fuels.
That's right, I said it...
This is as bad as meat-eaters warning of global warming.
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