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DNS Changer malware
Tomorrow is the day when the servers are taken offline. You can click the link below the video to check your computer for this malware. It does not load anything or scan your computer. This malware makes changes to your DNS settings, and this test only makes sure your DNS is identifying IP's correctly.


What happened? (if you don't watch the video):

The FBI has uncovered a network of rogue DNS servers and has taken steps to disable it. The FBI is also undertaking an effort to identify and notify victims who have been impacted by the DNSChanger malware. One consequence of disabling the rogue DNS network is that victims who rely on the rogue DNS network for DNS service could lose access to DNS services. To address this, the FBI has worked with private sector technical experts to develop a plan for a private-sector, non-government entity to operate and maintain clean DNS servers for the infected victims. The FBI has also provided information to ISPs that can be used to redirect their users from the rogue DNS servers to the ISPsí own legitimate servers. The FBI will support the operation of the clean DNS servers for four months, allowing time for users, businesses, and other entities to identify and fix infected computers. At no time will the FBI have access to any data concerning the Internet activity of the victims.

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Fortunately for me I screw up my internet connection frequently enough that I've checked my DNS settings a few times.
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Bob of QF
I checked all the browsers I use-- all were clean.

I even used the "/flushdns" option for windoze' ipconfig utility, which basically resets your local DNS cache.

No worries here.
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