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Yugoslavia and Murder
I earlier today read an article about an author and his recently published memoir. It included a reference to a pissing contest the author got into with Noam Chomsky (whom I very much admire) about whether or not Serbs killed a bunch of people in a certain detention camp. I believe some 6500 bodies have been found.

Well this distracted me so I read quite a bit on the conflict in and eventual breaking up of Yugoslavia. As might be expected when a conflict contains a high level of ethnic distrust and those ethnicities have lived in close proximity for many years much unnecessary killing occurred. To suggest that one side was worse than another and then try to prove it is a fools game. Odd to me that public intellectuals would engage in it.

This is not the equivalent of how african americans were treated in the south. It is more like the conflict in northern Ireland where both sides truly hated each other and killing the other was acceptable behavior.

I understand why some may defend the Serbs because they were probably more adversely affected by NATO actions, that does not make them by definition innocent. Similarly I may have more sympathy for the minority catholics in northern Ireland but I certainly will not defend all their actions.

I find it interesting that very smart people will refuse to see facts that do not support their narrative. Or admit that they may not agree with certain actions of a person or group they may otherwise support.

The conflict in Yugoslavia was complex, difficult and driven by ethnic differences. To suggest that one side or the other was without or limited in their fault is so far from accurate that no thinking person should entertain that idea.

I have often wondered how Tito held that fractious country together as long as he did.
A nasty conflict. I'm not sure that there is ever a 'good' side in a war, just one side that wins. One side or other may start with good intentions but the nature of war usually ensures both sides end up covered in blood and dirt.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
seeker, Good when applied to war is an "oxymoron". One could posit that the defeat of Hitler's germany was a good. One could also posit that the death of some 20 million Russians was not worth it.

It is imperative that we remove war from our minds. It is unfortunate that the US is one of the last countries to think war is beneficial.
Bob of QF
Well... so long as a given person has no real personal risk, with respect to war, of course it stands to reason they'd consider war a good thing.

Look at how much $$ [the]Dick Cheney made (and stands to make) from the two unwinnables the US is currently bogged down with.

Not to mention the rest of his pals in the MIC (a phrase coined by Eisenhower, ironically enough).

None of the richest-of-the rich suffer in the slightest with regards to war; their kids do not go, their properties are not affected, they lose no money on investments harmed by war.

But the richest-of-the-rich do stand to make a great deal of money anytime there's a war on.

So it's natural they'd see it as "good"-- good for their bottom line, of course.

And another thing war does: it creates an artificial "justification" for raising the debt: (in a whiny, strident voice) "don't you support the troops?"

Notice how all discussion of a balanced budget went out the window, when Bushy & co started the wars of Afghanistan & Iraq?
Quantum Junction: Use both lanes

Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
Rich people's kids often do go to war but they tend to get the safest jobs and the comfiest chairs.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
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