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Home Casting and Moulding
In my childhood I may have used plaster of paris and putty to mold and cast different things but I have not done so in my adult life.

Recently I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (not cheap!) and discovered that after excessive use, the S-pen they supply can become a discomfort to use, due to its size.

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In the UK, a similar sized pen would be a bookies (gambling shop) pen, theyre about 8-10cm in length, and have a slim profile.

This piece of equipment is new to the market this month, so there is little in the way of solutions out there, there is a Samsung approved 'extender' for this S-pen. Essentially it is a hollow standard sized pen into which the S-pen clicks. I have already spent too much money and cannot justify the further expense.

However, casting my own may be a good idea, and if I wasn't lazy, I could probably make a few pence out of it on ebay.

The plan is to combine a pen I have comfort using, with the S-pen, produce a mould which has the profile of the comfortable pen, and a hollow forming bulk of the S-pen so that when poured the resin/plastic pen can 'house' the S-pen.

Another option would be a nice wooden dowel, which I could carve from to do the same trick - but it just wouldnt have the same interface as a mould would.

Now, as it is something new to me I have a lot of reading about material choices to do, but I would like some feedback if anyone has any on the whole casting/moulding procedure.
Depending on your workspace you might think about using epoxy resin. You would end up with a lightweight, durable object. Don't even think about it though if you don't have a well ventilated work area.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
We have a garage on this house, it has an old wooden desk in, I could open the door up and do it in there.

The issue I will have is moulding the S-pen - they are around 15 to 25 to replace, and they have some moving parts, that said - I wouldn't be including the tip, so that would be clear of the moulding substance and I would want the button facing outwards and accessible, so that face would not necessarily come into contact with the substance either.

So in essence, it would not be a problem.

So I would make a mould of the S-pen, use this to caste the negative, add some bulk to this negative so that I can complete the cylinder of the large pen, but still have the break in the face to allow me to pop in the s-pen.

Then begin to caste the bigger pen, push the s-pen negative into the epoxy before it sets and that should do it...
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Just be sure you leave a way to get the mould out. Nothing worse than doing all the work of making a great mould only to find that you have to destry your object to get the mould out.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
Still thinking about where I will fit this into my week.

Do you have much experience with epoxy resin?
Limited, I do most of my work with alkyd resins. I know a few artists that work with epoxy.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
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