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It can be so simple for some
I am coming home today and walking from the San Francisco ferry terminal to BART I see all these people carrying "pro life" signs. I mutter a few things at a couple and realize they are making me far too angry. I really did want to plow through them like I told some park police acting as traffic control.

What makes me angry is that the answer is so simple, god, or at least my minister tells me that abortion is murder, sin, take your choice. Most of the signs reflected this simplicity and only a few were hand made. Two of the hand made ones did point out that someone was regretting having an abortion many years ago. This is something I know from women who have had them to be fact, some regret the decision they made many years later. Probably forgetting the exact situation and why they did so. But for the most part the signs were about murder and how all life is precious and other mostly religious nonsense.

The size of the march/rally shocked me for the Bay Area I would guess a minimum of 10,000 to 20,000 maybe more. Observing this large number I noted that many were church groups (primarily catholic) some from as far away as Sacramento and Folsom, and some from the Santa Clara area. I am sure free busing was provided. I also noted that many were hispanic or filipino/a. Two groups who are somewhat social conservatives if not generally conservative in politics. The hispanic community had a large hand in passing proposition 8 in California which banned same sex marriage. I also noted that many were young, I am sure members of religious youth groups.

The simplicity of the argument offends me. A single mother with 3 children who cannot afford a 4th may not want to abort but may also feel she has no choice (I will not comment on the earlier choices she made because that is immaterial to me). A woman who may die and the child is not viable outside the womb is not pertinent to these people. It is gods will that both must die. They have no compassion for the mothers who may make this decision, it is only for the unborn. I think to a certain extent it is jealousy. These people get to have sex for free, I have to have babies.

I was reminded of a conversation I had with a peace corps volunteer in Belize (I think it was Belize, too many years ago). For reasons I have forgotten the peace corps volunteers were forbidden to talk to women about birth control. The main questions this volunteer got from women were about birth control, many already with large families they could not afford.

Americans have several hangups about sex. The religious don't have any, it is only for procreation and that is that. I saw one homemade sign that said birth control pills are chemical murder. I will allow that I suspect that is an extreme opinion amongst those against abortion. But I would suspect a polling of the crowd would get only a 50% or so positive reaction to birth control. These people just do not think through what they are doing. They think every family should crank out 15-20 children and no one should have sex out of wedlock (what a wonderful biblical term).

I am leaving BART at Millbrae and notice that there are quite a few more people on the car than normal, I would say 10 at least. Then I realize they had all been in the march/rally. One older couple, one woman of indeterminate age, I would guess early 20's and a bunch of children around 15. Brainwash those kids early and often. Spoken by someone who started political reeducation in embryo.
It's a wonder we make any progress at all.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
Progress can be seen in noticing that 60 years ago, these people would not have seemed like kooks in mainstream America and now they kind of do.
Brilliant point Cynic, you have to be happy that these people have felt the need to protest, in an easier relgious environment, there may have been no discussion and the abortion is murder bill may have been passed through without incident.

Or the newer "Aborting a rape baby is a Federal crime of tampering with evidence".
That's kind of the point though Cynic, those protesters were mainstream then but they aren't really considered that far out of the mainstream now. There are four states in this country with only one clinic that perform abortions. Many Republicans regularly get re-elected even spouting that 'kooky' rhetoric.

I suppose that IS progress but must it be so slow.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
Why didn't someone counter the rape baby evidence woman with perverting the course of justice. Surely getting that fetus DNA whipety-quick would be the best approach. Making them carry it to term is making a mockery of the courts by witholding vital information! Could the woman also then be brought up on aiding and abetting a criminal?

What if she then loves this child, can she be charged with benefiting from the procedes (pro-seeds) of crime?

All VERY serious questions that that politician should answer, publically, with cameras rolling.
Not actually believing TE (sorry, it just seemed too over the top) I found this web site which has equally disturbing stories.

Scary the nonsense that is out there, including that a mother is never at risk because she is pregnant and somehow the fetus is killing her. Tell that to the woman who died in Ireland.
[quote]An abortion bill introduced in the state House of Representatives by a Carlsbad Republican caused a political uproar in New Mexico and got some national notoriety Thursday
"The world is my country, and do good is my religion." - Thomas Paine
She actually reworded it to something like the rapist is the felon but the wording is most confusing. The woman is clearly stupid, even if she is a lawyer. The section of the state she was elected from is not far from Roswell. Maybe she is an alien.

Anti abortionists are so inhuman but claim great love for life. It makes you not want to puke but to puke on them.
Having a degree does not mean having good judgement.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
It may even demonstrate poor judgement seeker.
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