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The Steel Cagers!
Hello All,

I have been away from the site for some time, but I have not forgotten you all (those present and departed).

So what is a steel cager? It is a term used by motorcyclists and other cyclists to describe those who use motorised vehicles with roll cages - or steel framing - which causes them to forget about peoples safety and drive like idiots, simply because they are in a steel cage and can't be harmed.

Some of you might be aware that I cycle to work. I have been struck three times by 'cagers' and after a recent close call I asked the Police for a method of making formal complaints without having to visit the station of an evening.

They provided that, but requested that I post videos online for ease of viewing.

As such, I have created a YouTube channel, CycleSmarter is the account name, if you search for it you can view my videos (some 22 uploaded currently).

These are some of the more note-worthy incidents, but near everyday someone drives too close, or cuts me up.

I am in The Netherlands for a few days, and travelling around looking about there are bicycles everywhere, and the infrastructure is brilliant. They must have nearly no deaths at all.
I haven't been paying attention to Facebook lately so must of missed your trip to The Netherlands post. Take lots of pictures and post them, please.

Bikes and motorcycles are dangerous to ride in traffic around these parts. I'd never own one...anymore. I grew up on mini bikes and dirt bikes and have enjoyed some nice street rides when I was younger.

Also, moving this post to a more appropriate forum where it can be seen by more people.
"The world is my country, and do good is my religion." - Thomas Paine
I am out in an industrial zone, so there isn't much 'beautiful' here (although the receptionist did stir some emotions).

It is awefully flat too, lots of greenhouses.

My brother now motorcycles, it terrifies me. Knowing Catman went out that way, and knowing that the death rate and injury rate is so high for them, I dont think I would ever give those ago.

Cycling is a much lower speed, and the health benefits are there. Feels good knowing you got somewhere under your own steam.

I will see if I can find something picture worthy though.
My brother used to drive a semi and still has his cdl, so is still a professional driver. He likes his motorcycle, but has some stories of idiots on the road. cagers aren't even aware of big rigs sometimes and much less motorcyclists. He actually ran over a guy that cut him off when he had a full load and couldn't stop (the guy ran a red light). He sold his cruiser to a guy that never owned a bike that worked with my dad. We repeatedly told him to go to driver training if anything to make it easy to get his license. He started riding with a group and never did even get his license. After a few months of driving around he fell off his bike and his head was run over by the bike next to him as his wasnt even wearing a helmet. So many mistakes he made. People dont realize the dangers of riding and take the necessary precautions. My brother always wears a helmet and other gear and drives defensively. Even then, he may get into an accident one day with his bike, but he has lowered his statistics of dying by a considerable amount.

Not sure what I was trying to say with that, but there are plenty of idiots on the road. It just takes one well timed idiot to end it on an unprotected vehicle like a bike. Not saying people shouldn't bike, because I actually still want to get a motorcycle license (is it licence? I dont even know) one day. They should be aware of the dangers of it though and take the necessary precautions regardless of what the law says they have to do. The same guy who ran the light and was killed could have just as easily killed my brother had he been on a bike.

That was a motorbike, we cycle too. I even cycle downtown sometimes (on the street) to get around. I love it, but it can be just as dangerous. The only time I had trouble really (well, it was me and my brother) was in killeen on a road heading toward downtown. it was a four lane road heading there with no sidewalks and no other road unless you went miles out of the way. It was usually empty and kind of was on this occasion. Then a sports car comes behind us and honks.. and I think brakes hard, but dont really remember that part too much. I did mention its four lanes and the street was empty otherwise, right? Either way, instead of just getting into the other lane and going by, he passes us by getting as close as he can never really leaving the lane (my brother was on the inside so the car was right next to him) while going pretty fast, mind you. My brother is known to rage and I'm quite the opposite and usually dont let tbings get to me too much. While I was trying to memorize the plate, my brother speeds off after him. Then I see the stop light ahead turn red. At this point, I kind of know what's going on (I rage too, but contol my temper so as not to lose my head. I say that because I know that when you get there all rational thought is gone and violence is all you seemto think about), he was out of control and was going to catch the guy. I sped to them and was out of breath when I got there while I heard them argue. BTW the guy was in the army, but that means little in this situation as we are both ex-military and my brother is filled with anger. My brother isn't touching the guy, so I dont say anything, but then the guy opens the door hard into my brother's bike. With the door only partially open, my brother grabs him and lifts him out of the car and rears back. In that second, I look at the guy there in uniform. He's tiny compared to my brother. He's about 5'5" or something with little muscle, and my brother is about 6'0' and still has quite a bit even though we hadn't been to a gym in a while. Well, in my mind if he hits this little dude, he's probably gonna do some serious damage (didn't even bother me that jail time might come into it), so I call his name hoping to stop him (so probably has some desperation in my voice, because he probably could've killed that little guy). He stops with his arm still back ready to swing and lets go of the guy. The guy gets back into the car as my brothers bike is out of the way since he threw it aside when grabbing the guy and speeds off. He comes to his senses, and I forgot the damned plate number. The rest of the day went okay though even though my chain broke and we had to get a kit to fix it. It provided us with a lot to talk about the rest of the day too.
Quite a story!

On the journey into work today, I had three cars close pass me (one of which I caught at the red light and asked him to stop driving like a moron) and one guy rear-ended me when I stopped at a junction.

As I have cameras on my bike I looked through the footage, the guy was concentrating on the green light, so hadn't covered his brake pedal - I stopped at the lights (even though green) because had I moved out I would have been stranded in the middle of the junction.

I have not yet pulled anyone from a car, I can imagine a physical fight happening eventually - as people are crazy.

As to the door being opened onto the bike, when ever I speak to a driver, I do so in a way that keeps my bike clear of their opening door, and has them twisting their neck to look at me - that disarms them quite a bit.
Your brother is lucky that moron didn't have a gun.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
"Your brother is lucky that moron didn't have a gun." - a terrifying reality of American life, chances of this happening in the UK are much lower.
seeker wrote:

Your brother is lucky that moron didn't have a gun.

I dont think hereally cared at that moment as much as he probably should have, and probably would've grabbed the guy soonerif he saw one, causing someone to get shot. Blind rage doesn't help with the thought process.
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