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Courage I do not have
10 years ago yesterday Rachel Corrie was plowed under an armored bulldozer of the Israeli government.

I would wish that I had that political courage.

I have political convictions that demand that sort of courage but I do not have it.
I'm sure I don't either. I can have deep, unmoving conviction internally, but I don't know that I could physically stand my ground against a foe that I'm pretty certain would kill me and then turn around and have their government lie about what happened.

If there was a three-hour stand-off between these people and two bulldozers, the operator of the machine may not have been able to see her once the machine was upon her, but certainly he knew she was there.

I'm not so sure I could knowingly put myself in a situation of possible physical harm by people I'm sure would have no problem demolishing me, in order to stand my ground of reason, and of course largely that is my self-preservation mode, but also if I don't think losing my life would actually do anything to change the situation after the fact of my death, my self-preservation mode would probably kick in even faster.
I always remember what one of my instructors in the Navy used to say,"get the other guy to die for his cause, history is always written by the survivors".
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
I cycle to work, I wear high visibility clothing. People can see you, and if you speak to them, for three hours, they know you are there.

I also experience, near daily, people just not giving a fuck about my safety. They suddenly turn, swerve or intentionally push me from my line on the road, thinking 'I know better as where you should be cycling'.

So to think that an Israeli soldier, a state which Expats and many others describe as a terrorist state, was at no fault, that the soldier did not deliberately driver over the person is laughable.

People try it with me just because they think
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