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How history is revisited
It is interesting to me how the collective intelligence is subverted by the media, I offer two items from admittedly a left wing source.


I would like to believe that I have lived my life understanding what is going on. I will also say I am not sure that is true.

I do know that Martin Luther King Jr. in later stages did very much want to join the civil rights movement with a movement to bring up all the economically oppressed.

Good luck in this world.
This article pisses me off quite a bit. One of the big conflations that Republicans play on these days is that democrat = liberal. Unfortunately the Democratic party was dominated by Southern Conservatives who were unelectable on a national level (think George Wallace) so they tended to offer up liberal candidates for the presidency.

The article also goes on to suggest that the escalation in Vietnam after 1968 was all due to Humphrey and LBJ while ignoring the evidence from the recently released LBJ tapes that Nixon (as a candidate during the 1968 race) actually interfered in peace talks to prevent an early end to the war in Vietnam (I posted a reference to this on another thread).

Its no wonder people can't sort through all the misinformation.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
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