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Boston and West, Texas
Boston is being portrayed as an example of how muslim "terrorists" routinely affect life in a very negative fashion. It is portrayed as how effective the police (state) protects citizens. It portrayed as further reason to suppress civil liberties in the name of safety. All of which is false but it is in the interest of the state and the monied classes to do so.

Two days later a fertilizer plant caught fire in Texas and then exploded killing 14 (I think) and damaging multiple buildings. It is in the interest of the state and the monied classes to treat this as an accident or an isolated incident and it will be treated as such.

If I was a person who was ordered by the police to stay inside my home (what about the homeless) and even stay away from the windows I would be tempted to stand on my porch and yell "fuck you assholes" repeatedly. I would not, for fear of death, but I would be tempted. In the end the cops were cheered for doing their job in the usual overly heavy handed way.

If I was a worker in a fertilizer plant who noticed that things were unsafe I would be tempted to say something. I would not because I would most likely lose my job with no recourse.

We collectively have been indoctrinated to believe things that are not in our best interests. "Terrorism" is a great threat and must be met with great violence. Workplace safety is well under control but accidents will happen.

Even in 2001 many more people died in workplace accidents than the events of 9-11, a very singular event and one that is unique world wide. Unique if one ignores the violence that the US has wrecked on the rest of the world since.

Workplace safety is boring and improving it will cost people money and therefore it is ignored.

The glorious capture of the second Boston bombing suspect is treated with great glee and an obvious affirmation of our police (state).

The outcome of the event in West Texas will be a financial loss for the perpetrators that will barely effect them and life will go on.

The very jingoistic treatment in the media of the events in Boston should cause a thinking person pause. It has even been stated that the surviving perpetrator not be tried in an ordinary court.

Murder however remains murder no matter how it is done. Murder done by the monied to make more money is ignored.

We must all watch how we understand things and understand when we are being manipulated to not understand our own best interests.

On top of every thing else how can a baseball team and town embrace "Sweet Caroline", bad pop when it was new and at best terrible now.
Well said, John. We love labeling and catching criminals as long as they aren't anybody too important.

Neil Diamond was pretty much the king of bad pop.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
seeker, Thank you, I did get very disturbed by the over the top media coverage of the events in Boston.

How Weed will be handled will be very similar to how the 1989 earthquake in the Bay Area was handled. After the quake there was all sorts of discussion about things that needed to be done to make the public safer. I remarked to a coworker that a year from now there will be a 4 or less column inch article buried in the paper about how nothing has happened to improve public safety regarding earthquakes. I was correct. Oddly enough this last week politicians in San Francisco have proposed a law to force owners of buildings with a "soft story" (look it up) to reinforce their buildings. A "soft story" was the cause of most of the catastrophic failures in 1989. Finally some action more then 20 years after the fact. When the monied are at risk politicians tread lightly and the ill informed public does not realize it.

I have heard that "Sweet Caroline" was written for Caroline Kennedy when she was a child. As the person who said that remarked, kind of creepy when you listen to the words and consider the age of the person it was written for.
"kind of creepy when you listen to the words and consider the age of the person it was written for." - happens a lot in music. Enrique GrassyArse, he sang a song about not knowing why he liked to see women cry - how creepy is that?!

As for the bombing, it seems to have been great for a lot of political voices from the right and the left (so left they are running out of oxygen to breathe to form coherent thoughts).

As for H and S, there are firms/companies raking in a lot of money, that do not pay proper mind to the laws out there, as you say because it saves them money - but also, those that believe it helps no one.
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