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anyone have thoughts on Brazil?
... or what's happening there now? I lived there for 3 years and they all know their government is corrupt. The problem is usually proving it. The politicians do usually hire family on to do some innane task which they either overcharge for and/or dont really do so they can get money. They also do this for political clout and often it's legal even though the people dont like it. There are a huge number of poor packed in favelas (kind of like super ghettos for exteme poor often) scattered through cities. I've been to a few, and if you ever think of going, either look Brazilian or German (there are lots of Germans there), keep your mouth shut, and be with a friend that lives there. Usually it's pretty nice, and the people are awesome. I never had a problem while I was there, but I hear plenty of stories. Drug kingpins and cops tend to take center stage to most of them. One of my wife's friend's daughter's was shot in the face after answering her door because she had been a girlfriend of the former drug kingpen in the area. Her son was shot in the back by a cop when he was stopped for possession. The officer thought he had a gun. He didn't.

That's not really the issue though. The issue is the big spending by their gov on extravagant stadiums when they have a huge poverty issue that they avoid and apparently didn't have money for. The country is a wealth of reasourses, but the money doesn't seem to benefit many people in the country unless they are rich. Then they raise the bus rates which directly affect the poor and don't touch the rich at all. ... there's more, but I'm rambling. Either way, anyone keeping up with it, or have thoughts on it?

Here is a video on it.
latest development: President Dilma announces new measures
oops, President Rousseff (I've only ever heard her first name, so used that)
I worked closely with a company based in Brasil, they got into a lot of trouble with the Government there because it is a multinational corporation that has a strong anti-bribery policy - so, unlike the local companies, they were unable to bribe the government as they had explained was customary over there.

So, all of the work we did with them took many months to get passed by the government. That and the fact the people they were dealing with didn't appear to know much about what they were doing.

I don't think their government is any different to any other, it is purely one of age. For instance, the UK has had a government for so many years, they have all of the black trading routes mapped out and usually covered up (there was recently another 'cash for questions' scandal).

A difference with the populations of these second/first world growing countries is that the people are willing to take to the street - something we could do with in the developed world (I suppose France is used to doing it still).
Brazil is a good example of what can happen when the people lose control of their government. Politicians look out for themselves and the people end up with nothing.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
Brazil's government and law is much like US gov and law in some ways. When getting my permamnent residence there there was some paperwork that would take over a year to get, but I didnt want to leave the country just to wait. They basicially said there was nothing to be done but wait it out.. My wive taked to many officialy until someone said that itwas no problem.It could bedone over night by simply paying 10 Reais to expidite the process. This information was not given to us until the last minute and luckily it went through in time (oncethe paperwork started, then I ccould stay until it was done). It passed, and I am a permanent resident there,

The same happened when we were getting her permanant residency here. We almost ended up paying way too much ($2k) due to a piece of paper that someone said we really didn't need. Btw, only talk to INS officers when discussing some things as they seem to know more about the law than the admin there.

If we had simply listened to them and didn't question what they said over and over on both sides, we would've been screwed in one way or another.
btw, neither time we used a lawyer or third party. We did all the paperwork by ourselves. If you dont know what it entails, then you should try it sometime. Makes you really pissed off at governments. It's worse than taxes.
The thing people forget is that government officials are just people with the same behaviors you would find in any other group. Half of any successful dealing with government is finding the person who actually will work with you while maintaining enough composure to avoid alienating them the moment you finally meet them.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
true, seeker.
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