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Should Vegas be Nuked
Yesterday I got back to California from visiting my brother and his and my spouses and children and grandchildren in northern Michigan. To get a cheap flight I flew through Las Vegas. The Las Vegas airport is in proximity to the new strip. Both the old and new strips in Vegas are at best tacky and are actually obscene.

I have when traveling spent one night in Vegas. I saw one hooker who was obviously pandering to males who liked young women and was proposition twice just walking around.

Coming back yesterday I was seated near a party of 4 women on their way from Chicago to do who knows what and on the final leg back to the Bay Area I was seated next to a woman who was coming back from her bachelorette party there, did she fuck some different man to see what she might miss.

I have no problem in sexual activity nor gambling in all their forms. I do have a problem with a city who demands much energy and water in the midst of a desert which is dedicated to sex and gambling.

I would propose that each state have a place where uninhibited behavior is allowed and where no consequence is allowed. All the current workers in Las Vegas would find employment in those areas and then Vegas is destroyed with the materials recycled into new buildings of a not so garish nature.

It is unseemly that we allow such a place as Vegas to exist.

I find offense at its existence.
Interesting post John. I think the point that Las Vegas is in the middle of a desert and consumes a lot of resources is well made but that doesn't seem to really be the point of your post. Instead you began with the tackiness and hedonistic nature of Vegas and while you suggest that such hedonism isn't really a primary concern it is the focus of your argument the post itself belies that notion.

Phoenix, Arizona consumes as much if not more resources than Las Vegas and in fact most of that state is desert.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
It's an overgrown tourist attraction and yes a waste of resources. People put a lot of money into places like that because the same entertainment value can't be had elsewhere due to laws forbidding it. The problem is changing those laws. There are groups that have been fighting to change them to help protect sex workers that end up underground and unable to seek help for some problems because what they are doing is illegal. I personally haven't dealt with the business but agree with some arguments for legalizing it mostly because I dont really see that much wrong with it, and see the safety protocols in places such as Germany that have helped the sex workers there.

Gambling is also a problem, but in ways should be a larger problem than sex workers, but people have more of a problem with sex than gambling. Most people are more likely to ruin there lives if they constantly gamble than if they constantly have sex from what I can tell. However, that can be controlled by not allowing someone to over spend based on their income (which would probably an act of government or something which im sure could be manipulated like everything else), but places like vegas bank on people spending over their budgets.

Either way, in a way you are right; they are monopolizing on an industry that other states can't match due to legal issues, and they are fucking over people in the process. I wonder how much they might have a hand in making sure other states don't pass laws to legalize what they bank on.
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