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the police
I found this today and thought I might share.

I know I have described here before my animosity toward the police. It only took being spread out on a cop car at 13 (over 50 years ago) to be pat searched to start it. This article from someone who's curriculum vitae screams conservative is interesting. The militarization of the police is understandable in a way. Criminals do have access to very much increased weaponry. The distain for the public in general is a different matter.

I joined the reserves in the early 70's to avoid being drafted and possibly being sent to Vietnam. Happenstance occurred in that a significant number of cops were in my unit and I became friendly with some. They were for the most part decent people but they did tend to view all they did not know as potential risks to themselves. I think that now the US police have imbedded the view that all non police present grave risk to themselves and therefore must be approached with violence. I will allow that some police forces at certain events, such as peace marches in San Francisco, can behave in a proper way. That said by someone who's son was arrested (never charged) at a demonstration in San Francisco.

We (the US) allow our police to preform "street justice" far to frequently. We (again the US) must voice disapproval but we do not.

I must apologize for something. I looked for a previous thread of mine, in a similar vein, to add this to but they were all so old I decided to make a new thread.
Unfortunately, as the article points out, the 'us vs them' mentality extends to prosecutors and judges who are more inclined to protect police than the public. Prosecutors and judges routinely threaten people who make statements alleging police brutality and most states make any sort of documentation of police brutality illegal.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
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