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An article some here may find of interest:

Jamila Bey, the communications director of the Secular Student Alliance, summed up the concerns of many in a recent interview: “There are people who say, ‘Why are we talking about racism? We would rather argue that Chupacabra are fake.’ And fine, that is their right. On the other hand, I don’t get to divorce my critical thinking from my blackness, from my femaleness, from my position as a mother. So when I see the only affordable child care in my community being offered at churches, that’s an issue for me that makes me say ‘Wait a minute, there’s a problem here. Why am I not being afforded the opportunity for my child not to be indoctrinated just so my kid has somewhere to play and meet other children?’ I can’t divorce my whole life from my skepticism and for anybody who says, well , talking about female issues or talking about issues that impact black people, oh, that’s taking away from skepticism, I go, well that’s really easy for you to say. This is my life. I can’t divorce the issues. You can choose to not care about them or whatever, but don’t tell me I’m diminishing skepticism because I’m talking about the reality of what my life is.”

Those last few words speak directly to the very reason behind organized atheism: almost everyone who deconverts from religion and declares themselves a nonbeliever does so because of a compelling need to talk about reality. Whether it’s because we couldn’t reconcile the fossils in the earth with the story of creation we were told by our parents and clergy, or because of a need to lay claim to our sexuality without first checking for the approval or condemnation of a deity, the desire to discard what we perceive as falsehoods and speak honestly about the realities of our lives is one of the most commonly shared passions of atheists as a whole.

So, even for many of us who play life on the lowest difficulty setting, who get all the goodies that come along with white skin, cis-gender maleness and middle-class backgrounds, when old-school atheists attempt to dismiss social justice issues as “mission drift,” it seems like a betrayal of the very principle that was most attractive about standing up and identifying as an atheist in the first place. For those who don’t get those goodies, the betrayal is much more intimate.

How's everyone? Hope you're having a great summer.
“There are people who say, ‘Why are we talking about racism? We would rather argue that Chupacabra are fake.’ And fine, that is their right.

Straight from the FOX News playbook.

Where are "these people" and why haven't my friends or I heard them say this?

Social Justice Warrior atheists, with their disingenuous bullshit, can kiss my ass.

And, hi Hy!
"The world is my country, and do good is my religion." - Thomas Paine
Hi all, trust everyone has been well.

Unfortunately there are too many people who just don't care about things like racism, income inequality etc. until it affects them. Usually, by the time it affects them it is too late.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
Hey guys! Hope you're both well and good.

There is definitely confirmation here that atheists and other nonbelievers are no different than anyone else; they can be just as apathetic, complacent, indifferent and callous as the next person, and many are.

There was a time when I did have hopes that humanists and rationalists and non-theists were going to make a noticeable impact regarding social issues, and namely on the equality front. But alas, I've found myself disappointed the reality is stark in contrast.
Yeah, turns out we are just as self-absorbed as other people.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
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