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Fear in dropping ur religion
Dropping ur religion that u have been brought up in for most of ur young life i think has a certain set of fears. Mostly because of the unknown. I had spent most of my childhood being a part of something i had many more questions than answers to. I have been anathiest for about a year now and noticed that nothing has changed about my person that i was when I was engulfed into the church, youth group, and any other gatherings that surrounded the places well being. Even noticed i saved a few extra bucks every I know im not alone in this journey so speak up..let me know what ur feelings were on leaving ur religion when u were in my situation..
I never actually left a religion as I really never grew up in one but I was exposed to many (that wasn't convoluted at all).

I think religion is a way for people to feel connected and in control. It offers the notion that everything is understood and that if you belong you are safe. Belonging also implies a sort of acceptance by other people who believe.

The hard part for believers leaving their religion, IMO, is that they are essentially saying to themselves that most of the people they are familiar with are wrong. People heavily involved in church events and that life have to make a lot of choices about friendships when they see such fundamental differences in world view. That can't be easy.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
I do agree with u. Religion is nothing more than a multi-billion dollar cult. I really hate to give it a negative name like that but there is really very little difference. It's a group of people gathered in one place to follow someone who claims to be a little bit more closer to god.
Some folks may feel dropping their religion as a betrayal of their upbringing.

Perhaps even a burying of a part of themselves that no longer exists.

Coming to the realization that one is an atheist is a process that can take years in some.

It was that way for me. I wanted to believe but, I never felt that there was anything there. I searched, became a seeker of sorts and I always came back to the same result.

Finally there was no denying the evidence before me. I always knew it, I just had to allow myself my own time to accept it.
You're gonna carry that weight.
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