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Skepchick skepticism meets reality...revisited
Ed Clint has appended his earlier critique of a talk given by Rebecca Watson at a skeptic conference on the topic of evolutionary psychology.

The update is necessary because people are still reading and referencing the original post, and there are substantial corrections, additions, and revisions. Frankly, I did not do nearly so good a job as I might have. I made mistakes that my academic colleagues subsequently pointed out; for example, I was somewhat, but unduly, dismissive about some published work that I was not well-acquainted with, such as Martie Haseltonís, and that of Anya Hurlburt and Yazhu Ling. Itís important to admit when we make mistakes, and correct the record (As I have recently had to do over at Healthy Skepticism). Watsonís talk has many more incontrovertible mistakes, confusions, and misrepresentations than I previously reported. I unreservedly stand by my claims. Substantive changes in this version include:

Source video re-analyzed; Appendix of errors & defects expanded from 25 to 90
Added section addressing Rebecca Watsonís response to the original essay
Many edits for length, clarity, accuracy, and completeness
Prose edited for book chapter format (tone, style, length)

Science Denialism at a Skeptic Conference Redux

For those unfamiliar, try to sit through the following video before reading the above post:

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