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Hot as Hell!
Man, today was something else. 105° and the wind blowing like a giant hair dryer set on HIGH.

Now, I was born in Arizona and spent about 17yrs in Central Texas before moving to Oklahoma. I really like hot weather, but hot humid weather not so much. Anyone who has ever lived out in New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada or SE California knows what dry heat is. It is awesome! Nothing compares.

You can smell water from quite a distance in the hot desert. I can remember playing in my cousins yard in Kingman, AZ as a kid. I smelled something familiar, but couldn't quite figure it out. I asked my cousin, "What is that smell? He shrugged and said, "Smells like someone watering their yard." I looked up and down the street...nobody out but us. My cousin is a year or so older than me, and I assumed he was pulling my leg. I've smelled water before when someone watered their lawn, but I was standing in the yard when I did.

Later we walked to his school playground about 4 blocks away, and as we approached the school, I smelled it again. A house across the street had water puddled in the street, and the dirt of the yard was already drying out. Four blocks away, I could smell water. I loved it.

THAT is my favorite smell in the world. Water in the arid desert. Nothing has smelled sweeter since.

Oklahoma heat sucks....too much humidityCool
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Bob of QF
Yeah, hot N humid truly sucks rocks.

It's why I'm in the heat & A/C biz, myself... always work to do. Grin

Now, if I could only find the time to fix my own A/C...
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Yeah, it was 105 in Ft Worth yesterday too. The day before, it was 107. I hope we get something from Eduardo; my yard looks like straw, even though I've been watering it.
Theism has always been a profound puzzle to me ... a little like why it is that anyone lives anywhere but on the French Riviera. In twenty-two years here, I swear there's not a day I'd complain about. The downside is that the whole place is swarming with French people. Neil

PS: Only kiddin' about the local Frogs. They're a grand bunch ... and I've never met one on any kind of evangelism kick. Neil
Could be worse, California has great weather and psychotics
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