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My cats.
I personally find dry heat much less objectionable than humid heat. When you sweat (sorry, perspire), it actually does some good. My temperature comfort range is much wider where it's dry. I do tan, and I regard wrinkles as character marks.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
Character is generally more acceptable on men than on women.Wink
Goodness yes.
I can totally tolerate dry heat. I hate wet cold, though.
Now see when it's cold and wet I just love it-I put on soft sweaters and bake bread and make stews and cinnamon-ie desserts to have with hot tea, and go out in my rain boots and umbrella and parka to walk around in it. Nothing makes me happier than a good cold snap with drizzle. Grin

You wouldn't like it on a motorcycle! But I like cold and wet occasionally. It sounds great during August in Texas! But I get tired of it in a hurry.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
schmoo wrote:
I just don't like hot-I don't care if it's humid or "dry heat", I just don't like it. I don't tan, sunlight gives me migraine, and squinting gives ya wrinkles. I could happily do without it.

Ugh, I'm with ya on the heat thing - I hate it. The DH just returned home tonight from Yuma, AZ where it was 113ºF yesterday. ACK! I would have died. Give me the cold any day, although not quite as cold as Minnesota, say. I like snuggling up under sweaters too, and that fleece type stuff (forget now what it's called) - and another benefit is that it makes it difficult for anyone to tell by looking just what size I am. Pfft

I hide from the sun - it's bad for the skin. A little exposure each day is good, for the vitamin D, but otherwise it's too damaging. My mother had skin cancer, my dad was treated for pre-skin cancer, and now I have pre-skin cancer that I'm being seen for, and am a little concerned about. When I was young and was such a sun-worshiper we didn't have all these warnings about protecting our skin from sun damage that we have now, it was all about using the best sun tanning oils on the market.

Give me the cool, drizzly Pacific Northwest any day (says she who lives in the desert Sad ).
LOL Catman-I don't ride motorcycles!

Patia-I have to get my moles checked every couple of years. Considering I have hundreds of them, this understandably takes a while. I've had some removed and so far they've all tested negative, but as the only fair skinned redheaded child in a family of bronzed blondes and olive skinned brunettes I suffered a fair number of sunburns as a child so I'm always concerned about it. I have a lot of sun damage on the left side of my face and nose because of where the sun hits me when I drive as well. You don't think about these things when you're young.

I don't even have the red hair any more, just the complexion! Angry
Sad I'm skert of going to the dermatologist Schmoo! Yikes!

Let's post more critter pics everybody!! That'll take my mind off of it (at least a little bit Wink Sorry 'bout the major thread derail everyone.).

What else we got??
Ok I'm starting up with pictures here. Maybe there are some members here who haven't seen this one.
Here's another one Grin
Awwww they were so tiny *snif* My sweet little furry babies ;luv;
Edited by Sinny on 09/08/2008 22:46
One last one for tonight
lol - I like the 'force field'. Funny.

I'll have to post more cat pics soon - I think I have some I haven't posted before.

lol Sinny, those are pictures are cute.

http://icanhasche... has lots of funny cat pictures. ;kittyball;
Edited by catman on 09/10/2008 01:50
FreakMeow: I made the link clickable. Nice photos, but they indulge in the cutesy misspellings far too much for my taste.;blackcat;
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
Sinny - I didn't see the pic of Trixie and Norton before - awwww, they're so sweet. Give 'em some pets from auntie 'Patia.

FreakMeow - didn't see the link for the cat pics you posted either - those are some cuties, heh heh. Gotta love 'em.


My Maggie

These are some pictures of Maggie, taken when I was going on a trip and had taken out a suitcase to pack. It is beneath cats, of course, to beg, so this was kitty language for 'No mummy, please don't go - I will not let you go.'

Rescued by Daddy, so we wouldn't have a stow away
Edited by Hypatia on 09/11/2008 01:03
Aunt Patia I gave my furry babies hugs and smooches from you and then promptly slobbered all over them from me Grin Awww Maggie looks so sweet. She was protesting her human Mom & Dad leaving her. Not to worry she will take over your bed while you're gone.

FreakMeow those were cute pictures. Thanks for sharing. Here's two that made me laugh out loud. I still haven't finished look at all of them yet.

Catman, I like the pictures with correct english spelling too. Changing the misspelling can be done since CD helped me with that and photobucket now has better edit options avialable.
Edited by Sinny on 09/10/2008 19:26
Sinny: I like those a lot! They are much better when not loaded down with cutesy spelling. I especially like the first one.

Hypatia: The 'Kit-Kat' one made me feel sorry for the kitten, who was not happy. If it wasn't Photoshopped, I wouldn't be surprised if the kitten took a chunk out of the baby immediately after.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
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