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My cats.
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That was funny. I get a good laugh my kitties jump from an unexected sound. It's especially funny when their tails get all fat and puffy. I haven't seen that cartoon character in years. Sure brought back memories. :cheerful:
That commercial quacks me up every time I see it.

I always want to cuddle and comfort that cat after that startle though, just like I do with the other furry kids when they get startled. I know what it feels like! lol!

That's a good commercial. I hadn't seen it before.

What I get a big laugh out of is seeing a kitten jump straight up when it is startled (or playing).Smile
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That is hilarious Cat. Its like they have springs in their little feet or something - boing! Straight up in the air. lol!

Trixie does that! It's hysterical and with those kangaroo back legs she really goes straight up real high. She even actrually, at times, moves in mid air sideways without bending her body.
Haven't had any new cat posts in a while. Waaay overdue!

Probably everyone has seen this one, but it still gives me a chuckle.
That is hilarious!
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