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But wait! there's more: 6 worst popes
Bob of QF
Here's a link to a list of the 6 worst popes, ever, according to the author


From the bit, on the first pope in the list: Pope Julius III 1550-1555

That mansion of his was decorated with statues and frescoes depicting kids having sex with each other. Julius III didn't just let slip that he molested kids, he flaunted it. He decorated his house to flaunt it. He didn't need Martin Bashir to ask him about sleeping with some crippled white kid, Julius III was having Michelangelo chisel sculptures of mouth rape. He was blinging with child porn.

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Something I've always wondered:

Do sex abusers become priests or do priests become sex abusers?
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That link provided some truly enjoyable reading.

I think priests become sex abusers.
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