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Cat People (Catman)
I masturbate on a regular basis so that God will kill kittens heh heh heh

J/K, I don't hate cats or wish death on them. I just prefer other animals over the cats' drag queen attitude. "Who loves kitty?"
I currently have 4 rats, 1 hampster and 2 cockatiels. I chose these animals because they all like to hang out. Very personable. The hampster and rats will fall asleep in your hands or run around up on your shoulders and the cockatiels will do the same as well. All of them will do that -not at the same time- for several hours, if you let them.
That's right, I said it...
CD I despise birds, which goes to show it takes all kinds. The whole idea of letting an animal flap around your home that just merrily craps wherever the urge happens to hit is to me absolutely revolting.
Some really bad pictures with some childish attempts to draw where the catwalks will go: The blue squiggly line indicates where the calkwalk will go. The pictures should take you around the living room, kitchen and dining room.
Around to the right:
Again to the right:

Can you read what's on the tv/computer screen?
Continuing on to the right:
Right again, around back to the start, encompassing the entire living room and kitchen:

I'm thinking of doing steps on the right side where the line breaks.
Dining room side:

Again, encompassing more "steps".
Last one, ending on a landing in the the dining room with a window tucked above for kitty to look out of:
schmoo wrote:
Oh that's right! You had a Yoda kitty too-I wouldn't have used the name but he came with it, he's really not a Yoda type cat. We usually call him Dingus or Bungle Nuts.

There are pics around here somewhere of our kitties-we had to have kitties when we finally got back to the US. Zoe is decidedly my husbands cat-she is Evercat, she has her bed on his desk and guards him while he plays EQ2. Yoda is mine-he's a scaredy cat! LOL! He's a sweet little boy though and he sleeps on me at night. He waits until I'm in bed with my book and comes purring and flopping and snuggling and trying to get his head scrudged.

I don't know. To me Yoda has always been a female name. Plus, my Yoda had big ass ears. Maybe I should have called her dumba. That would have been funny.

Your husband plays everquest? I wanna come over and play and beg for food too. Grin I've never played that one, but as far as mmorpgs I've played EVE, WoW, Turfbattles (from when it started to when it got hacked and shut down...), UO, Shaiya, 2Moons, Cabal, Mythos, RuneScape, and others I can't remember or don't care to mention... So do I qualify?
[quote]Nails3Jesus0 wrote:

Yeah, I can't remember who said it, but watch out for young kitties trying to hurt themselves with that fan. I've seen cats try to pounce it from the ground. You're giving them easy access. I can see something ensuing if they are young. As far as older kitties. I'm sure if you just ignore that the platform is even there after you have moved them in, they will find their way up there.
Yeah be real cardful with the catwalks near the fan. I truthfully wouldn't dare put those up anywhere near a fan. The cat would still try to jump at the fan even though you know the cat would never make it the cat doesn't know that. My little Norton boy is always looking to jump on the ceiling fan in the kitchen. I worry and make sure it's not running when he manages to get up on top of the cabines.

BTW you have the same cabinets, I think, from what it looks like, as I do. Except at the far right end where the window is the stunods who put up my cabinets put corner half circle shelves right next to the window. Where no one could ever see the nic nacs or whatever I put there for display. Idiots! they should have put the corner shelves on the other end where I could have a chance to see what's on for display. Anyways I must read this post and didn't except this part, those friggin windows xp installings are taking up way too much time. I have to restart after every checkup and shit there's always 2-3 that wouldn't go through and I have to attempt to have them done individually!!! shit!!!. I'm sick of always having to run for checkups and automatic updates,,,,not. Automatic my ass!!!

Ok small rant over now..I really just wanted to let you know .....Watch Out For The Ceiling Fan....Way dangerous Shock:bigeek:

Love the catwalk idea on the walls.. I thought I was the only one who thought that up.

I want a catio some day for my little babies.Cool
Edited by Sinny on 12/08/2008 23:09
That's pretty kewl N3J0. Back in the day, I built something similar for my iguana in my parent's house. It wasn't that elaborate. Just a small ladder from his lid-less tank to a platform just below the top of the window. He hung out there all day and went back in his tank to sleep on the "hot rock" all night.

schmoo: I get what you are saying and I was the same way. I resisted before my son's grandparent bought them for him. These birds don't poo on anything. All I have to do is put a tarp(Or something similar) on the ground just a little ways out from their cage. Every "mess" they make lands on it and I have not found any on the back of my recliner where I put a towel down. They really only stick to the top of their cage and the back of the recliner during "outside" time.

sinny wrote:
Ok small rant over now..I really just wanted to let you know .....Watch Out For The Ceiling Fan....Way dangerous

Yeah, that is how my friend's bird met it's demise.

...and for your rant, get Linux Grin

That's right, I said it...
I like birds too, but I still like cats more. My grandmother had an absolutely spoiled-rotten blue parakeet ('Chipper') that rode around on her shoulder and would come down to eat at the kitchen table. I had no idea before then that they could be so tame. She was genuinely upset when it died.
Edited by catman on 12/09/2008 01:12
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
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