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Britain's Sky TV Criticized
Well at least in Britain
Edit... assisted suicide for the terminally ill is getting some headway. I'm not sure what to think about having it shown on TV though. At least it's not a teenager on TV or live on the internet.

But writing in The Independent newspaper, Ewert's wife said her husband -- an American-born university professor who lived in Yorkshire, northern England -- had wanted his death to be shown to help allay peoples' fears about death.
"He was keen to have it shown because when death is hidden and private, people don't face their fears about it. They don't acknowledge that it is going to happen, they don't reflect on it they don't want to face it," Mary Ewert wrote.
"He wanted to remove a veil so that people could see how comfortably someone could die who -- without this option of assisted suicide -- maybe would have had a very painful death."

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I think it's a bit heavy-handed to show it. It's not going to change many opinions to see someone die peacefully on TV. I fear that it will create a backlash, led of course by churchmen.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
I am on the fence with this. I am pro-assisted suicide or pro-suicide(as long as it is rational).
I understand where the guy is coming from but, on TV? Maybe on a privately owned website with a requirement of a log in and "cheap" age verification. I agree that one can become desensitized to death or anything else that makes us squeamish. I used to be EWWW by the site of dead bodies or a car wreck with death and dismemberment. After a while it doesn't make your chest pound. I am sure I could witness a guy jumping off a building, landing right in front of me, head exploding and his brains flying all over me and all I would do is wipe my face off and then calmly say, "wow, poor guy."
I think what this guy is doing is good, he just needs to choose the proper medium to do it from.
That's right, I said it...
I too have mixed feelings. If someone is of sound mind and truly wants to die they should be allowed to, but I fear that many people will feel obligated to end it because they don't want to be a burden. I also fear people choosing to die because they are depressed when they could quite possibly recover and live a healthy life.

It would sicken me to find out that people killed themselves because their selfish family didn't want to spend the money to get them treatment.

I am not sure televising on TV is the proper way to bring the subject to the forefront. It comes across as exploitation and attention-seeking. If someone does want to die, those last moments should be a special, private time with loved ones, not a media circus.
Come on, cheshiredragon. I bet my heart would be pounding, but I'd be wanting to yell at the person (dead or not) because they could have landed on me. Of course, I wouldn't do that. I'd check 'em for a pulse and try to talk to them in their last moments. Then when I'm retelling the story to other people, I'd get pissed and mock yell at the person. If you're going to take yourself out, don't take me with you. Yeah, don't do it either, but more importantly, don't drag others into your suicide.
Rayven: Well said. Exactly what my thought were on the matter.

CD: I doubt that I could be so unaffected by such an event happening before my eyes. I would probably have a nightmare or two, and I would be horrified and probably nauseated. I don't do well with real blood and gore.
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"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
Hmm, I knew about the assisted death issue going through the Scottish Parliament, it only needs (I think) 18 MSPs to agree with it for it to go forward to a full Parliamentary debate on the Bill (though at that stage it would most likely be rejected).

As for the televised suicide, we've already had FULL LIVE televised autopsies on British TV. This isn't a million miles away from that and I can see Channel 4 maybe taking up the offer to air it- like the guy said it might help alleviate some of the misconceptions about dying.
I think for most people the fear of death is maybe two thoughts. 1). the struggle to breathe, which is a natural need to do, gasping in pain and fear of not being able to breathe. 2) is there life after death that could be more painful than the life they are leaving which is really the fear of what they call the fear of the unknown. Had the thought of another life / a hell after death never been introduced to them they would never even have thought to fear an afterlife.

I'm one of those people who would much rather die than be a burden to my family. I wouldn't want them to watch me waste away suffering in non stop pain not only for their sake but for mine as well. I couldn't stand to loose my independence like that and I sure wouldn't want my Brothers or Sister bathing me. I much prefer going out with dignity and independence. Being in constant pain can cause depression. To me depression alone is not a good enough reason for suicide. Many people who commit suicide could have been helped and those who were helped before being able to actually commit suicide lived full happy lives.

So I know about myself but I'm not so sure about haveing my assisted suicide televised. I think the only way I would allow mine to be video taped would be if it's used to assist the terminal who are considering haveing the same thing done to themselves. That would help to show them what the person (myself in this scenario) went through. I doubt people would sign up for assisted suicide due to financial problems but I'm sure some greedy family members might try for it. Knock off the rich ol' hen or rooster to get the money or because their a pain in the ass to take care of and we want what's left of the will sort of thing. This is why I want assisted suicide done with a doctor who must follow strict guidelines when dealing with family members as well as the patient and patient's reasons for wanting the assistance to end their life of pain.
CD I think I would most likely faint if I ever saw that right in front of me. I can becoeme decensitized to watching that on TV but now in real life. I think it's much different in reality and when seeing it happen unexpectedly, violently and when seeing a human life as well as animal life being drained away, I couldn't help but think that person had hopes, dreames, desires, emotions...a life.. I hope if I ever did see it that I would never ever become decensitized to it. I tend to think it's even different when performing an autopsy live in person.... even then I would still be attempting to help the body of what was a human being.
I think we are removing ourselves from the animal kingdom. how many other animals have you seen on natural history programs die?

this is not really any different
I am just desensitized toward death. TV death and gore is soooooo fake it is disturbing. The worst I have seen on TV for blood and gore was the live televised 9/11 footage. If you watched it on CNN or any other American new station you saw the lite version. If you watched it on international channels/news stations; you were able to see body parts on the ground. Not only this but, many times in my history of existence I have seen many violent and gory scenes. Not to shake up your boots catman but, i have seen a single motorcycle accident where the guy tried to run a red light, a car clipped him and he along with the bike hit the opposite corner. After watching both legs shatter on the curb I don't think he survived after the helmet exploded on impact to the light pole. Another car on car accident I have seen when people don't wear seat belts. Yes, they do fly and literally eat asphalt. I have seen so much it just doesn't affect me anymore. It is the difference between a rookie and a veteran police officer. Veteran is helping med crew pick up the pieces while the rookie is in the yard doubled over puking his guts out.
Jayon, just for the reference I am very against suicides who take out other people. I myself would never do that. The reason behind it is, "what did they do to me for them to deserve this? NOTHING! This was my own fault." The asshats who take out a McDonalds, school campus or some other crowded location are the true assholes. I was just making a statement about how close to death I can be without it affecting me.
That's right, I said it...
Urk! I think you succeeded completely. For me, it doesn't have anything to do with being afraid of death, which I haven't been since my big wreck in 1976 where I was 'there' one second and not the next. I'm not afraid to be dead, but the process of dying isn't something I'm looking forward to. As Kenny Roberts sang, "The most you can hope for is to die in your sleep". Yeah, the description of the motorcycle accident was absolutely lovely.:uhoh:

Suicide is a basic right IMO, but it shouldn't involve anyone but the person doing it. Taking out other people along with you is just chickenshit.
Edited by catman on 12/12/2008 02:39
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
I agree it is chickenshit. No excuse for taking out others with yourself. I can understand doing it yourself, with the aide of a Doctor/Nurse to help make it more humane for humans as well as dignity but other than that IMO there's no excuse for taking out others.
GP I'm not sure what you mean. I have seen animals kill other animals on TV for the purpose of survival. I switch the channel when I see that. However, speaking of not being different...what I think shouldn't be different is the fact that we care enough to spare our animals (pets) from pain, suffering but not each other or ourselves. This to me makes no sense. We are humane towards animals when we love them and they are suffering but not to humans??
I'm just refering to the fact that I don't see the broadcast of a humane suicide any different to the showing of animals being ripped to shreds. I think broadcasting the suicide will help people come to terms with death a little easier just as many UK viewers realised an autopsy is nothing to be scared of and the body is treated with respect.

I just wouldn't have a probelm with it.
I don't see a need for it. It seems superfluous; my imagination suffices. But I've seen a person die peacefully, with no apparent pain. A "humane suicide" (or euthanasia) would be no different. It seems to me to be a bit sensationalistic and heavy-handedly preachy, and might create a backlash (one step forward, two steps back, perhaps).
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
GPnot to be a pain in the ass but I think, correct me if I'm wrong here, but yuou mean when people kill animals on TV...right? Not when animals kill each other. The way I see it is that the animals do what's natural but the hunting of animals isn't natural when it's for sport or just ot torture them. That's not natural. The animals killing each other for survival is. Euthanasia is or should be considered a natural necessity. Though many would say it isn't since they believe the natural way to go would be by the hand of their stupid god or rather needlessly suffer.

I agree with you Catman it is sensationalist. Unless used for the purpose of the Doctor to show in order to help the person who wants to be euthanised to see ahead of time what it's like, what happens, etc. I would much prefer it be a private matter between myself and my Doctor. It could have a lot of backlash if it were here in America but maybe not in Britian
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