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We're engaged!
Me and Regan are engaged. I just asked, she said yes! I was going to do it tomorrow when everyone was over but after a subtle discussion she made a comment implying that if I ever did propose she'd want it done in private so I got the ring out of the bed room and did it then!

Now to arrange the wedding! Need to research humanist ceremonies.
Aw GP! That's awesome. Congratulations to both of you.

We're very happy for you and Regan.

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Bob of QF
Congrats to you and your fiancee, there G.P.!

*hoists a stein in salute*
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comfortable this the astrophysicist? (I cannot keep track)


My bride and I "made a commitment" in 1976 (January 26, to be exact) and have been together ever since. Churchless wedding at the Ventura, CA county courthouse in July 1978. The 2d marriage for both of us. Both of our previous spouses broke their promises to us.

It isn't about "Holy" matrimony or anything of the sort. It was about 'commitment' to the other partner. Still is. "In sickness" takes on a very serious and immediate meaning as we passed our 60th birthdays.

A very humanist world view holds us together whilst "religious" marriages dissolve like sugar cubes in the rain all around us.

Good Luck
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Congrats, General Price!
GP: Good for you! I'm happy to hear it. Best of luck to you and Regan.
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Awesome! Congrats.

Did she cry? Did you cry?

(I bet you cried, I just know it.) :yes:
lol. Cheers guys.

I didn't cry but my mum did! We're gonna take our time over the actual wedding, what with my business starting up in summer and everything else.
Congrats GP, may the two of you have many happy years together.
Congrats! Have many happy years together.
Ohhh GP that is excellent news!!!:yes:


I hope you and Regan have at least 50 years of happiness together >>>HUGS<<<

Amart move my man ask in private Wink
Just saw this thread, congrats GP!
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