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hilarious website.

This guy is absolutly hilarious. Don't neglect to read his comments to each roadside memorial. He just may be my new hero.
I hate you....I couldn't click away from that site for over an hour.

I'll see your 'hilarious' and raise you a 'genius'. Cool
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Oh, I like this one.
lol http://www.porkje...p?cross=80
Doubting Thomas
I hate those little roadside memorials you see everywhere. OK, so some dumbass was driving after swigging down a six pack, or too busy yakking on a cell phone to notice the semi stopped just ahead of them, so why commemorate the exact spot where they died instead of celebrating how they lived their life? Especially since they're all distraction hazards, because you're driving down the road, see one out of the corner of your eye, say, "hey, what's that?" when you turn your head and then run off the road.

Ever notice that it's never on a dangerous curve where you see those crosses, but usually on a straightaway? So to me those are all monuments to bad drivers. And ever notice that it's always Christians who are bad drivers? Jewish people must drive Volvos with their hands constantly at 10 and 2.
You're just jealous because the voices are talking to me and not you.
This guy is hilarious :lol:

He's absolutely right. Seems to me the family members, neighbors, friends should remember how they lived not how they died. If they want to remember how they died then do something to get the message out 'don't be a dumb fuck and do what this one did'.

I don't even see the purpose of doing this even when it's not their fault they died because they were murdered. I often wonder if they do it just to make it appear that they are good people or they think it makes them look like good people or that they give a shit to the family members who usually start it.
Bob of QF
I see it as a Failure of their Faith.

If they *really* believed their shit, they would be CELEBRATING the death of their loved one, for are they not now in Heaven?

That *is* what their bankrupt beliefs teach, after all.

But, no....all we see is whining, lamenting, symbolic gnashing of teeth.

A clear fail, with regards to the depth and strength of their faith.

Tragic, really: not the poor dead schmuck, she/he's beyond all that dreck, but tragic that their faith has let them down.....again.
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I must be in a pissy mood tonight.

I did not find much of what was here funny. Yes mocking the idea of roadside memorials, particularly those that contain crosses, is fine. But far to often he mocked the victims of the accidents. It is one thing in the cases of those who were responsible for their own deaths, but the innocent victims is an other thing.

Mock the idea not the people.
Innocent victims?? I didn't notice any mocking of innocent victims but I did see mocking of the idiot moron who caused the accident out of sheer stupidity. From what I saw he posted the memorials of the idiot not the victims.

Even still I don't see the purpose of having any roadside memorials of victims. It won't bring them back and if people want to show or give their condolences to the family members then do something that will actually help the family. Got the wake or funeral. Be with them in their time of need or if the family wants to be left alone respect that. Donate to a cause the victim would have appreciated and that the family will appreciate. Having a memorial on the road, parks, where the person died just constantly reminds the loved one's of the death and doesn't give them closure ...that's what the wake, funeral or burial is for.

I think this guy is hilarious with the way he describes the idiots.
N3J0: That is a funny site!

DT: Some of the people memorialized on the side of the road are not bad drivers, but are the victims of bad drivers (either as passengers or driving another vehicle). Sometimes one of the bad drivers will do something so unpredictable and boneheaded that even a good driver will be rubbed out by him/her. Riding a motorcycle has made me very aware of that! Some of the stuff they do is almost beyond imaginaing.
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