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Kitty vids
Ha ha I laughed just seconds before the woman who was taping did ag 2:00.

Little kitty better watch out when puppy gets bigger or she will end up with brain damage. These two are obviously siblings to each other, well adopted siblings. Kitty got him pretty good at that point :laughcat: Kitty cats rule...dogs drool but this puppy is so kewl.

What made me laugh again was how the puppy ran like the kitty did when he was told be gentle it's just a game :kittyball: :grommit:

In the first video the cooler reminded me of both of my kitties in the hamper LOL.
They haven't run into walls yet but give that a little time.
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I like the kitties... Yeah, I was laughing when the dog went to overdrive too.
Bob of QF
I noticed that every time the much larger dog got the better of the kitten, the kitten would high-tail it out of there...retreat! Retreat!

But, then would circle the furniture and attack again.

After several circles, the dog finally gets it, and turns to look [dogs are slow learners...] but the kitten attacks anyway.

Eventually, the dog has enough, and turns up the heat....scram, kitty!

I wonder if the cat had been mutilated? [declawed]
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