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Trouble with youth
There are some aspects of modern society that irk me beyond control at times. One such thing is ignorance of obvious fact. Its one of the reasons I'm an atheist.

I was shocked and horrified when I found out today of a survey which was conducted last year in Britain. The results tested Britain's Youth and asked questions regarding history.

77% of them thought Winston Churchill was a ficitonal character
58% thought Sherlock Holmes was real!

Others thought that Charles Dickens was a ficitonal character and most of them said they would rather change the channel than watch a history program.

I'm only 25. Surely I can't be that old yet that I look upon others and think "What is wrong with kids today?"

Or maybe I am old enough to ask that. How can people be so ignorant? What is in store for the future of mankind? Are we doomed to having a society that takes its moral code from Big Brother?

There is a saying by Roman senator Cicero: "To know nothing of what happened before you were born, is to remain forever a child".

When people think Winsotn Churchill was a ficitonal character it makes you wonder if Hitler's Eugenics ideas where really that far off the necessary mark, nay, necessity!

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There's a night time talk show host over here named Jay Leno, and he does this segment called "Jay Walking" (which is a pun on the term for crossing the street outside of designated areas, if you're not familiar with it). In the segment he walks around Burbank, CA asking people on the street dead simple questions, like who's the current president and stuff like that. Naturally we get to see the people who get these things wrong, and you want to weep for the species. It's absolutely mind-blowing how completely ignorant of everyday facts some people are. And by and large, these aren't kids!

So I understand how you feel. Winston Churchill's award-winning biopic Fall of the Bleak House of the Baskervilles is must-see TV! Pfft
It is a damned shame and I am ashamed to say that I am part of the human species. We worked millions of years to rise to the top of the evolution chain only to get stupid. It boggles the mind that we can be the most intelligent animal that we know of yet can be so stupid at the same time. An asteroid is just what this planet needs. The few that are smart enough to sharpen sticks to get food and then rub those sticks to cook the food will survive. Back at square one. The only reason stupid people are still alive is because we smart one keep them here rather then let natural selection take course. Forgive me for being harsh but, the dumb bitch who drives her 8 kids through the running wash need to just be left to get swept away. Now there are 8 less chances of that happening in the future.
That's right, I said it...
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