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Suri Cruise to Begin Indoctrination
Oh joy. Now the Scientologists have a version of child brain washing that is their version of 'pre-school'.


Suri Cruise to start five-days-a-week Scientology training

By Katie Nicholl
Last updated at 12:29 AM on 12th April 2009

Tom and Katie Cruise’s doll-like daughter Suri is to be trained in Scientology after her third birthday this week.

The Cruises are sending their daughter five days a week to the Church of Scientology’s £6,000-a-year New Village Academy in Los Angeles, launched last year by Tom’s friend, fellow actor Will Smith.

It is staffed by trained Scientologists and lists ‘study technology’ as a key curricular focus.

‘The children have a lot of responsibilities from a very young age,’ says a source.

‘The school is particularly strict about nutrition, demanding a low-carb, low-sodium and low-sugar organic diet.

‘Katie is understandably a little anxious about being separated from Suri.’

Katie, 30, has herself only just come to the end of her punishing Purification Rundown diet, apparently as a prelude to having a second child.

The diet – which consists of herbal drinks and a purification procedure to eliminate toxic substances - left her so run down that she was forced to miss the Oscars.

And as I revealed the actress resolves problems with her husband Tom Cruise by making weekly written confessions, as laid out in the Scientology code.

‘Katie has to confess to something as minor as forgetting to tell him she has met with a friend,’ says a source. ‘If she commits a transgression against the moral code of their marriage, she has to tell Tom in writing, giving full details of the time and place and what happened.’

Katie is currently filming The Extra Man in New York but will return to Los Angeles in May to try for her second child.

Adding to the mental and emotional abuse, IMO, will be this diet stuff. I just hope they don't kill her.

Like most religions though the brain washing doesn't extend to only the children.


Ugh. That is awful. Child abuse in the name of a pseudo-religion, not that any of the 'real' relgions make sense either. Poor kid. That "Purification Rundown" diet apparently does run the partaker down.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
Brain washing must begin at an early age to be entirely effective. Cruise should be boycotted.
I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
derF wrote:
Brain washing must begin at an early age to be entirely effective. Cruise should be boycotted.

But, he's sooo good looking (don'tcha know), and the guys really go for his action packed adventure films too. Grinead:

It'll never happen derF. Sigh.

But we could try.

Speaking of boycotting I'm considering of boycotting Target and Wal-Mart for closing their stores on Easter Sundays (that wouldn't be the only good reason to boycott Wal-Mart, though, and I know people who do).

It would be a good move - but then where would I buy the stuff I get such great deals on there...

Such a dilemma! Wink
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